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Jon Gray looks ready as the Rockies' rotation falters

As Chris Rusin turns in a second straight poor performance, Jon Gray waits in the wings for his long-anticipated debut.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Rockies' rotation fades after a solid run — Denver Post

The Rockies dropped the sixth of their last seven in yesterday's loss to the Astros. Here's a blurb on the Denver Post about the dismal performance of the Rockies in Houston so far. The title really says it all, and all signs point towards the imminent arrival of Jon Gray.

Colorado Rockies' Manager Walt Weiss' Late-Inning Reasoning Questionable on Monday — Rox Pile

Weiss' decision to give Ynoa an at-bat when Carlos Gonzalez was available on the bench was not only a head-scratcher, it was infuriating. The worst part about it, in my opinion, was how Weiss tried to defend his decision after the game by calling Ynoa a "tough out." Since when? I'm not going to be one of the people calling for his job — not during the season, at least — but I'm befuddled as to the decision making process. Read Bobby DeMuro's take over at Rox Pile.

Rusin struggles as Rockies drop slugfest — MLB

Chris Rusin has been awful in his past two starts. In his start last Thursday in Miami, Rusin went 5.1 innings and allowed six runs on 11 hits. Yesterday, he lasted just four innings and gave up a whopping seven runs. Rusin's ERA now sits at 5.14, which is starting to look pretty similar to his career-ERA of 4.68. Sure, Rusin was fantastic in his first three appearances for the Rockies, but it was never going to last. His last two starts have really opened the door for Jon Gray, who pitched six innings for Albuquerque last night. He allowed two earned runs on three hits while walking three and whiffing eight.

Another noticeable takeaway from this game? CarGo launched a two-run homer yesterday. Interestingly enough, that's one more home run than Rafael Ynoa has hit in his MLB career.

Betancourt gaining strength after 'pen session — MLB

After landing on the DL for a sinus infection and vertigo issues, Betancourt has thrown two bullpen sessions in the interim and is working himself back. He is eligible to return June 23.

Breaking Down the Current State of the Rockies: June Edition

Rox Pile's take on the Rockies including pitching, deceptive RISP numbers, and a noted lack of patience at the plate. The Rockies have been way too aggressive when at-bat, combining minuscule walk numbers with super high strikeout rates. DJ LeMahieu has cooled off a bit as of late, but is still at the top of the table for NL hitting. He continues to be underrated by the majority, however, and sits outside the leaders in ASG votes.