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Listless Colorado Rockies fall to Astros, 8-4

The bats slumbered while the Astros smoked Kendrick

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Another rough outing by Kyle Kendrick and a lackluster offensive performance defined the latest Rockies loss, an 8-4 bummer at Coors Field. Carlos Corea, the 20 year old Astro rookie, blasted a two run home run as the second batter of the game, and the Astros would not relinquish the lead.

Kendrick gave up four runs in five innings, walking three and striking out just one. In addition to Correa's homer, Justin Tucker also drove one over the wall against Kendrick. That was the 19th home run Kyle has given up this year...which is not good. Has anyone ever given up 40 homers in a season? That would be a dubious distinction. His ERA sits at an unsightly 5.95.

The Rockies got a little offense going in the fourth. DJ LeMahieu led off with a single and advanced to third on a Troy Tulowitzki double. A Carlos Gonzalez sac fly and a Nolan Arenado single scored both guys and brought the score, briefly, to 3-2.

Tucker's home run in the next half inning stretched the lead for the Astros. Christian Friedrich replaced Kendrick in the sixth, and of course gave up another homer, to Jake Marisnick. These Astros are ridiculous. They do not miss mediocre pitching.

Chris Carter walloped a John Axford ninth inning hanging breaking ball for a two run shot, the rancid cherry on this toxic sundae. Axford was just in there to get some work in. Hopefully he used up his quota of hanging sliders.

Carlos Gonzalez demolished a meaningless home run in the bottom of the ninth, helping the stat line but not the game. Still nice to see, I guess. It was his ninth of the year.

It's no fun getting beat up in all phases of the game, but that's been the case these last two weeks.

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