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More high draft picks sign with Colorado Rockies

Mike Nikorak (pick #2) and Tyler Nevin (#3) signed with the Rockies yesterday.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Rox ink deals with second, third picks in the draft -

It's no fun to talk about the Rockies of today, so let's get excited about the Rockies of tomorrow. The Rockies came to terms with tall right handed pitcher Mike Nikorak, the 27th pick in the draft held two weeks ago. Using the pick that they were awarded when Michael Cuddyer signed with the Mets, the Rockies selected the high school pitcher from Pennsylvania. One Mike leaves, another arrives--time is a flat circle.

Nikorak pumps in mid-to-high 90s heat and has playable secondary offerings, according to scouts. He's an 18 year old pitcher, so his path will be a long and hard one, but he'll immediately jump onto Rockies top prospects lists.

Nikorak signed for $2.3 million, $295,000 above slot value.

The Rockies also signed high school third baseman Tyler Nevin, their third overall pick. He'll join Nikorak and top pick Brendan Rodgers at rookie level Grand Junction later this summer. That team should be fun to follow.

For up-to-date info on draft signings, check out Purple Row's draft tracker.

Cargo remains hot, but Rox lose momentum -

David Hale was the latest Rockie pitcher to fail to contain the mighty bats of the Astros. The Rockies have gotten their butts dragged up and down the field the past ten games, despite Carlos Gonzalez finally finding his home run stroke (boosting his line to a still-not-very-good .243/.310/.423). But apart from him the offense has been silent. This has been a monumentally frustrating team to follow, hasn't it?

Justin Morneau back in Rockies clubhouse, but not back from DL - Denver Post

Morneau's concussion symptoms have lingered all year, knocking him out for the majority of the season. He appears to be trending in the right direction, but Walt Weiss and the Rockies have reiterated that there's no timetable for Morneau's return. It's a real shame; his bounce back season last year was a great story. Hopefully he gets back on the field for some at bats before the season ends and his contract expires.

Around MLB

Nat's Harper sustains hamstring injury -

Bryce Harper, who has been having a monster season at age 22, left last night's game with a left leg injury. On the field it looked pretty bad, but now they are classifying him as "day-to-day" with a hamstring strain. Obviously the Nationals need him, but beyond that it's no fun when one of the best players in the game has to miss time. Hopefully it isn't serious.

Alex Rodriguez 3,000 hits on hold after late walk -

A-Rod is only one hit away from joining the 3,000 hit club. A-Rod having a good season and reaching various milestone has been hilarious and awesome, a rebuke to sanctimonious sports-shouters on ESPN, and also a not-insignificant comeback story. Everyone thought Rodriguez was totally cooked, at age 40, coming off injury and a huge steroid suspension. But here he is, with an .890 OPS and 12 home runs in 2015.