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Nolan Arenado is awesome and Brendan Rodgers has a memorable debut in today's links

Yesterday was a good day for both the major league club and the guys in the minors

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Arenado homers after collision with McKeny -

Yesterday went from scary to sublime in the space of about five minutes after Nolan Arenado and Mike McKenry collided while going for a foul popup. With Arenado sucking wind on the ground, Rockies fans were hyperventilating with him. There are only, like, three or four reasons to watch Rockies games these days, and Nolan is at least two of them.

But after a slow walk off the field, he took his at bat in the next half inning and crushed a bomb to left center, tying the game. It was his 20th homer of the year. Beast mode.

Rodgers homers, collects four hits in debut -

Oh, I do declare.../fans self

The Rockies' number one pick in the draft this year played in his first game yesterday for the Grand Junction Rockies, and he did not disappoint. Four hits, an opposite field home run, and a diving play made at short still, my beating heart. More on this in the Pebble Report, but it felt important enough to put in the Rockpile. This year's draft was so awesome.

Story, Tapia represent Rockies at Futures Game -

Speaking of prospects, Trevor Story and Raimel Tapia will represent the Rockies in the Futures Game, which is the All Star Game for minor leaguers. Story will be on the U.S. team while Tapia will play for the World Team. They are both in the midst of fine seasons. Story, a short stop, is hitting .286 with power and a keen batting eye for Double-A New Britain. Tapia is "only" hitting .307 for the Modesto Nuts; I say "only" because he has hit .315 or better the last three years of his minor league journey. Kid can rake.

Jorge De La Rosa leaves game with cut middle finger - Denver Post

JDLR's outing was cut short yet again, literally. Apparently a cut on his finger developed, knocking him out in the sixth inning. Now, I'm no physicist, but I could have sworn baseballs were round; how do you cut yourself on something that's round?

Obviously I'm being facile. DLR says the cut developed in May and it has refused to heal. Walt Weiss sounds exasperated by the whole situation; the Rockies were cautious with DLR all month, including skipping starts and giving him extra rest, but the dang thing is still a problem. Weiss was cagey about whether it would require some DL time to really heal. The Rockies can't afford to lose another starting pitcher, but you have to do what's right for De La Rosa. This season isn't going anywhere anyway.

Rockies rally behind Tulo's pinch-hit homer to defeat Diamondbacks - Denver Post

Can't let Nolan hog all the spotlight. Remember who's in charge here.