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Rockies pitcher Tyler Matzek heads home; Nolan Arenado does his best Adrian Beltre impression

Tuesday links! Yeah!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Rockies send Matzek home to take break |
For the second time in his career, Tyler Matzek is headed home to hit the reset button, writes Thomas Harding. We will have more on this story shortly.

What the Rockies Have In Nolan Arenado | FanGraphs Baseball
The "Saved You a Click" version: The Rockies have Adrian Beltre. That's what they have in Arenado. But there's so much more than that; give this one from the incomparable Jeff Sullivan a read.

Picking the 2015 National League All-Stars | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron picks Todd Frazier over Arenado to start at third base for the NL in the All-Star Game. And that's OK; Frazier has been great. But what isn't OK is this:

While Arenado is having an amazing year in his own right, Frazier has been just a bit better, posting very similar offensive numbers while playing in a park that is just a little less of a nightmare for pitchers.

Give that trash up already. Arenado is hitting .299/.342/.686 with 15 home runs ON THE ROAD. There's no need at all to bring up his home park unless we're talking about how its cavernous dimensions have kept Arenado's fly balls in the park while he's making a mockery out of all of these NL bandboxes elsewhere. Right?

Hochman: Nolan Arenado is becoming awesome - The Denver Post
"No epiphanies, bro." There's no secret to Arenado's success. He's just immensely talented and hard working.

Rockies need to win games and take care of business - The Denver Post
Count Patrick Saunders among those who believe the Rockies need to bring in an outside voice to serve as team president and give a fresh perspective on the team. I'm firmly in that camp, as well.

Baseball Prospectus | Pitching Backward: Chaz Roe and the Mechanics of Aesthetics
Roe, a Rockies first-round draft pick from way back when, recently threw an absolute frisbee to Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin, prompting BPro's Jeff Long to dive into some similar offerings from other pitchers.