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Colorado Rockies top pick Brendan Rodgers says he's agreed to terms with the club

The third overall pick said he and the Rockies have come to an agreement

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in history, shortstops were the top three picks in the Major League Baseball draft, with the Colorado Rockies grabbing the one with perhaps the most upside in Florida high school product Brendan Rodgers with the third overall pick.

"There were some question marks from the Diamondbacks and Astros, but I couldn't be happier with being a Rockie," Rodgers said.

Rodgers said he has reached an agreement with the Rockies but that he has "no idea" where his first minor league stop will be.

Rodgers hit .364 with eight home runs in 25 games at Lake Mary (Fla.) High School this season and was ranked as the top talent in the class by both and

"I started off the year red hot and was seeing very, very good pitching," Rodgers said. "I didn't end the year the way I wanted to."

Listed at 6 foot, 195 pounds, Rodgers said he was 6 foot,¾ inch and 199 pounds at a recent doctor's visit.

Like current Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, Rodgers said he wanted to emulate Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter as a kid.

"I grew up watching Jeter," Rodgers said. "He's a great role model and the type of person you want to play like or be like one day."

As a shortstop and top draft pick in the Rockies organization, the comparisons of Rodgers to Tulowitzki will inevitably come, but for now, he said he just wants a chance to work with the All-Star.

"He's one of the best power hitting shortstops to ever play the game," Rodgers said of Tulowitzki. "He's someone I look up to and hopefully in a few weeks maybe get some tips from."

He also said he is eager to get a chance to hit at Coors Field.

"I had a pretty good feeling about going third," Rodgers said. "It's a hitters' park and kind of where I wanted to be and I ended up there."

Several of Rodgers' tools have been touted by scouts, but it wasn't any of his physical tools that he mentioned first when asked about his best attribute.

"I'm a hard worker," Rodgers said before saying he liked his power at the plate and his arm in the field, as well.

Rodgers said he began to acclimate to the big league life by working with Rays shortstop Nick Franklin and Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon over the winter and that he hopes to follow in their footsteps.

As far as when he would make his customary appearance at Coors Field, Rodgers said he was unsure but was eager to do so.

"Hopefully it's soon because I want to start playing," Rodgers said.