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Troy Tulowitzki's hitting streak and All-Star candidacy continue into Friday

Troy Tulowitzki is having a good year, but he's a long-shot to be voted into the All-Star Game.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Tulo extends streak, needs final vote boost -

Troy Tulowitzki rapped a single up the middle in last night's 5-3 win, extending his hitting streak to 21 games. That's pretty cool. 21 games is a lot of games to get hits consecutively. Nolan Arenado's club record of 28 straight games with a knock is within sight. After that? Joe DiMaggio baby.

But that's not what the linked article is about. No, it's about Tulo's vote total in the fan vote for the final roster spot on the National League All-Star team. All-Star lobbying has got to be the most obnoxious thing about baseball this time of year. About half-a-dozen Twitter profiles that I follow become total wastelands; all they've been tweeting about is the Tulo vote. I mean, I want the guy to win but I don't need to be told over and over (and over) again to text N5 to 24601 to vote for Tulo. Few things are as irritating as people relentlessly trying to rock the vote. Also, what kind of democracy lets you vote as much as you want? What is this, Chicago?

Anyway, in the grand scheme of things that's a small thing to be annoyed by. I think Tulo thinks it's dumb as well; that's why he's refusing to lobby for himself.

Whatever. There's a Twitter vote today from 8 to 2. I don't know how it will work, but you guys are smart, you can figure it out. Then it will be mercifully over. Vote Tulo.

Weiss, Rockies help out with windblown tarp -

This feels like a metaphor for the whole season.

Hale pitches after delay, exits with groin strain -

David Hale took over for Kyle Kendrick after the two hour rain delay but hurt himself running the bases in the second inning. They're calling it a groin strain, and it doesn't sound serious, but you never know with these things. Hopefully he's alright.

The Rockies managed to cobble together a win despite losing two pitchers in less than three innings last night. The starter today (whoever it is) better go deep.

Rockies manager Walt Weiss sees building model in Braves - Denver Post

Walt Weiss is envious of the Braves' good young pitching; aren't we all? However, for all that pitching, Atlanta's 42-44 record isn't all that impressive. I guess middle class is enviable when you're stuck below the poverty line.

Rockies' Coors Field weather delays this season surpass 22 hours - Denver Post

And I gotta say, as a person who lives on the east coast and occasionally has to recap games for this website, it is a major pain.

Also, there's another odious, inflammatory article from an obnoxious Denver Post personality that I'm not going to link to, but it's out there if you're looking for it. If you're into self-righteous back-patting and concern-trolling, it will be right up your alley.