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Purple Row and you: It's a Crestfallen Day, so ask us anything!

The first-ever Purple Row #AMA!

We love you guys. I, for one, may not always show it (I'm absent from the comment threads more than I'd like to be), but that doesn't mean I'm not appreciative of you, the reader/commenter.

As part of what will be a long process to improve our involvement with the Purple Row community, we're going to give you the chance to ask specific questions about the Rockies, the All-Star Game, baseball, life, whatever, to our staff today.

I will of course be participating, as will Nick Stephens, Eric Garcia McKinley, Drew Creasman, Russ Oates (sorry, Russ, you're not getting out of this one), Ryan Schoppe, Jen Mac Ramos, Carolyn Jelley, Jay Tymkovich and whoever else you'd like to strike up conversation with.

If you have a question for a specific person, be sure to note that in the comment. Otherwise, we'll pick someone to answer.

Ready? Let's get to it!