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The MLB All-Star Game is here

The Rockies have three representatives. Here are their stories.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Nolan Arenado shining after tough time in minors - The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders profiles Nolan Arenado, who rebounded from a physically and mentally challenging 2012 season to win a Gold Glove in each of his first two seasons and earn an All-Star berth in his third.

Hochman: DJ LeMahieu reinvented himself into an all-star - The Denver Post
After ignoring the urge to use his 6'4 frame to become a power hitter, LeMahieu is now spending his All-Star break in a new place: at the actual midsummer classic and surrounding festivities, instead of in Vail, Colo. Benjamin Hochman has the story.

Troy Tulowitzki's son gets taste of star status at All-Star Game - The Denver Post
The Rockies' third -- and highest-profile -- All-Star is making sure his son takes in the experience as much as he is. This is Tulo's fifth All-Star Game, tying Todd Helton for the franchise record.

Rockies DJ LeMahieu gets call in All Star Game |
Tracy Ringolsby has more on LeMahieu, who still has a chip on his shoulder from being the throw-in in a trade that sent Ian Stewart and Casey Weathers to Chicago in exchange for Tyler Colvin and an eventual All-Star.

Fans should get to know new All-Star Nolan Arenado of Colorado Rockies
Richard Bergstrom of Rockies Zingers profiles Arenado for Good stuff.

Baseball Prospectus | Notes from the Field: World Team
Chris Crawford on Raimel Tapia at the Futures Game:

It was yet another day where scouts came away more impressed with Tapia than I did, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he has a chance to be a quality big-leaguer. Tapia showed his impressive bat speed and smooth stroke, but the crouch when he falls behind in the count is both bizarre and counterproductive to hard contact. Still, the ball jumps off his bat when he’s in his normal stance, and there’s enough athleticism here to project at least an average defensive right fielder.

Baseball Prospectus | Going Yard: Futures Game: World Bats
Recent PDP guest Ryan Parker also has a note on Tapia, along with video:

Tapia’s incredible hand eye coordination makes his swing great, but wreaks havoc on his approach. He thinks he can hit everything, causing him to expand the zone far too often. Tapia employs a wide stance, but keeps flow and balance throughout. He has sneaky power in his swing and if he adds weight to his lean frame, and can learn to refine his approach even a bit… look out.