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As the trade deadline approaches, would an MLB loan system work?

Teams run into some tough decisions at the trade deadline, but could a loan system provide a win-win alternative?

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Trading Places: MLB Needs a Player Loan System — Grantland

Would a loan system work in the MLB? For those of you who watch soccer, you're probably familiar with the system. Basically, a team will retain rights to a player as he plays for another team. It'd be like a perennial contender sending some prospects to a bottom-dweller so that the kids could see playing time at the MLB-level while the parent club keeps its stars in the lineup as it makes a run at the postseason. Bill Barnwell says Tulo would be a good candidate. The Rockies stink for now and won't contend this year or next, but Tulo wants to play for a winning team. What if the Rockies were to loan him to another side for a season or two as they wait for their young talent to arrive and then bring him back when the time is right, getting a prospect or two in return for his services as a loanee? I started to think about it until Barnwell suggested that the Dodgers would be a good destination. Should we send Nolan to the Giants? Realistically, however, I could be in favor of a loan system if it were well thought out and implemented. I'm a big soccer fan and have seen the loan system work well in a number of leagues, for both teams and players. It is different since there are so many teams across so many countries, but it isn't a bad idea to let a team retain the rights to players as they develop or spend time elsewhere as the team looks to set itself on a certain direction.

LeMahieu flexes glove in first All-Star Game — MLB

Although the NL fell to the AL 6-3, the Rockies' representatives at the All-Star Game were happy to be a part of the experience. DJ LeMahieu started in his well-deserved first All-Star game, making good contact at the plate despite lining out in both at-bats. Not too long ago, we were all wondering whether Josh Rutledge was going to claim the starting position. It has been great to see DJ get the recognition he deserves.

Who might the Rockies trade before the MLB deadline July 31? — Denver Post

Per his Rockies Mailbag, Saunders thinks it likely Carlos Gonzalez is traded and floats Kansas City as a possible trade partner. He also lists Blackmon, Rosario, and Axford as possible candidates. Hundley, Saunders predicts, will not be on the move as the club likes his veteran presence. I'd probably trade CarGo if the offer was right, especially since he's building his value lately. Rosario and Axford are good candidates to be shipped out. So would Blackmon, but I'd be gutted if he left. If we were any other team, I'd say we're headed for interesting times these next couple of weeks, but given our history I'm thinking the team looks pretty much the same post-July.

Carlos Gonzalez heats up for Rockies, just in time for trade deadline — Denver Post

Since July 5, CarGo is hitting 13-for-28 with three homers and seven RBIs. His season overall hasn't been great, but if a possible contender is looking for a bat, CarGo could be an attractive option. Could the Royals be looking for an Alex Gordon replacement?