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Are these FCC complaints about Ben Paulsen cursing real or fake?

Ben Paulsen cursed on TV last night. Or maybe not. But I bet many people filed complaints with the FCC over the matter. I received two screenshots of FCC complaints (before they may or may not have been submitted). Are they real or are they fake?


Here's the text of that complaint:

I run a popular Rockies blog and there's a tough no-cursing policy on the site (yes, it happens sometimes, though). Last night on ROOT Sports Rocky Mountain, Ben Paulsen was interviewed about his game-winning hit in the bottom of the ninth (after the Rockies blew a 7-0 lead to win 8-7). I saw his teammates come up behind him with water coolers, ready to dump them on him. What I didn't expect was Paulsen to yell, "Oh sh--!" as he looked over his shoulder. I was watching the game with my two-year-old (don't tell me when to put my kid to sleep during the summer). What am I supposed to tell him? I don't care that he hears me say it occasionally. But when he hears it from a baseball player on regional TV? The world just isn't right.

I don't know. That person seems familiar.

And the other one:


Here's that text:

I watched the Colorado Rockies on TV last night. They jumped out to a 7-0 lead! But, as with all god things, it didn't last. They should of held on to that massive surplus of runs, but nooooooooooo, the Rockies kept giving up runs, including Ben Paulsen forgetting how many out they are in an inning, jogging to the dugout before realizing that their are 3 outs in a half of an inning. So he threw the ball to home plate in some awful attempt at redeeming himself, but the Rangers scored a run. Then in the ninth inning Walt Weiss proved once again that he isn't even an awful baseball head coach; he's a level below awful. Anyway, the Rangers tied the game, but the Rockies actully put some hits together (they hadn't had a hit since the 2nd inning, grrrrr). And guess who comes up with a chance to win the game: Ben Paulsen. He drove in the winning run and went from being a goat to merely tolerable. BUT ... when he was interviewed, his teammates dumped water or some other liquid on him and he said, "Oh shi--!". What do I tell my young childrun?

I bet this person is one of our Facebook commenters.


But if you did file a real FCC complaint, let me know.