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Corey Dickerson begins road back to majors with Modesto Nuts

The outfielder started a multi-game rehab assignment with the Rockies' High-A affiliate before moving on to Triple-A.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a plantar fasciitis injury, Corey Dickerson returned to baseball with a rehab stint starting with High-A Modesto on Sunday evening.

Dickerson played seven innings on Sunday before going all nine on Monday. He said that the plan is for him to spend two games with Modesto, then join Triple-A Albuquerque when they play in Reno.

"Being in the minor leagues is never fun," Dickerson said. "But when you’re rehabbing an injury, it’s good to take it slow and know you’re ready when you come back to help the team and help the team win."

Prior to playing baseball again, rehab was "much of nothing," according to Dickerson.

"I started doing treatments after a few weeks of resting it," Dickerson said for the Nuts’ pregame show. "Trying to get the inflammation out is a big part. I think we did a pretty good job of that so far."

The goal for Dickerson during his rehab stint is to get healthy and to continue progressing as a ballplayer.

"I try to get better every day no matter if I’m overcoming an injury or just my overall baseball game," Dickerson said for the pregame show. "I approach the game the same way no matter if I’m in the big leagues or the minor leagues and we’re gonna try to win."

Dickerson recalled the lessons he learned while he was a High-A player himself in 2012.

"It’s a little less pressure down here," Dickerson said for the pregame show. "It’s more [about] getting your talent, your skills, your tools to where you want them to be to be successful at the big league level and help the team. I think that’s what I learned most probably."

Helping the young guys on Modesto’s roster by answering their questions was something Dickerson enjoyed during his rehab time with the Nuts.

"We’ve got a lot of talent in this organization," Dickerson said. "For them just to be able to ask questions or, you know, what’s it like up there, what it took to get there, or what did I do when I was here, I’m glad to provide those answers. [I] try to make it useful for them. I think a lot of the kids here are pretty open eared and engaged to the program. I’ve enjoyed it and I hope they enjoyed it and hopefully we win tonight."

The Nuts did win on Sunday before losing a nail-biter on Monday. Dickerson went 3-for-8 with an RBI and two runs scored in his two contests with Modesto. He's now with Albuquerque in Reno, where he went 1-for-3 on Tuesday.