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Troy Tulowitzki quote gets taken out of context

We all make mistakes, but...

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

One unfortunate side effect of the Colorado Rockies' 9-0 blowout loss at the hands of the Texas Rangers at Coors Field on Tuesday night was the end of Troy Tulowitzki's on-base streak.

Tulo went 0-for-4, with his eighth-inning, double-play groundout signifying the end of the impressive 41-game feat. After the game, Tulowitzki talked with reporters in the clubhouse about the end of the streak. The Q&A session sparked this quote:

Later, Groke, his Denver Post cohort Patrick Saunders and's Thomas Harding clarified the quote, which was not about the Rockies -- as the context-less version makes it sound -- but was about the on-base streak. That didn't stop Yahoo! Sports' Chris Cwik from jumping on the story and giving us this:

He's said all the right things thus far, but that quote after Tuesday's loss speaks volumes. Losing is tough, and it's rare that a player openly admits how difficult it is to be motivated for a game when there's nothing on the line.

Of course, that quote doesn't actually speak volumes, because it turns out it wasn't about what people seemingly wanted it to be about.

I'm not here to pile on Groke. He's an excellent beat reporter. We all make mistakes -- hell, I do that more than I get things right, it seems. And it's not like he altered the quote.

But perhaps Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich wasn't completely wrong last month when he said that the trade rumors surrounding his star shortstop were a media production. Tulowitzki has done nothing but say that he wants to be with the Rockies long term. The team has reciprocated that.

Maybe it's not for the best for either party. But that doesn't mean we can twist the story to fit a narrative that -- surprise! -- just might not be there.


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