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MLB trade rumors: Rockies GM Jeff Bridich 'open to considering' trading Troy Tulowitzki

"Thinking about maybe talking about the possibility of discussing a potential trade that could involve Tulo."

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Colorado Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich on Thursday told MLB Network Radio's Casey Stern that he's willing to listen to offers for star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki.

It's just that ... he doesn't sound real serious about it.

"He's a player we're at least open to considering," Bridich said on Inside Pitch when asked about the chances of Tulowitzki being dealt at the trade deadline. That's roughly equivalent to Bridich saying something along the lines of "We're thinking about maybe talking about the possibility of discussing a potential trade that could involve Tulo."

Tulowitzki doesn't want to be traded. The Rockies don't want to trade Tulowitzki.

"Those public statements could be a show in order to preserve his trade value and allow Colorado to maintain leverage in talks," you may be thinking. Maybe you're right. But either way, the one thing we absolutely know for sure is that the Rockies are going to have to be "overwhelmed," "blown away" or some similar phrase to trade the five-time All-Star.

Bridich also discussed the relative inactivity leading up to the trade deadline, saying he expects that to change soon.

"I think it will ramp up the next six or seven days," Bridich said. Right around that time, the Houston Astros acquired starting pitcher Scott Kazmir from the Oakland Athletics.

Who knows if Bridich's team is one of the ones expected to start making moves within the next week, but perhaps we're seeing a precursor to a potential deal right now.

The Rockies promoted catching prospect Tommy Murphy to Triple-A today, according to Albuquerque beat writer Chris Jackson, inviting at least some speculation about the status of major league backstops Nick Hundley and Michael McKenry. Murphy should get an awful lot of playing time considering his status as a legitimate prospect, but incumbent Isotopes catcher Dustin Garneau has established himself as, at the very least, an interesting asset.

History tells us the trade deadline won't be very fun for those who follow the Rockies. But, as we've maintained, Bridich is not Dan O'Dowd, and there is a little bit more of a sense of urgency this year than in seasons past.

In other words, expect nothing, but don't be surprised if some big things happen.