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Rockies players have fun with Eddie Butler's baserunning mishaps


Eddie Butler was understandably frustrated, sad, disappointed, etc., following his embarrassing baserunning blunders in the Colorado Rockies' win over the Cincinnati Reds on Friday.

It's hard to imagine he didn't feel at least a little bit better after arriving at the ballpark on Saturday and seeing this:

Butler talked about the jokesters with's Dargan Southard prior to the Rockies' loss to the Reds on Saturday:

"We have a couple good pranksters here in the clubhouse," Butler said. "[Brandon] Barnes could be a culprit. It could be [LaTroy] Hawkins that told them to go out there and do it. We had good fun with it last night, though."

It wasn't just Butler's teammates giving the rookie hurler the business, though. Apparently, pretty much everyone he knows added insult to injury:

"I got texts from my roommates back in college talking about the turf monster and the snipers and all that."

Cue the "MAYBE THE ROCKIES SHOULD FOCUS ON WINNING AND NOT PRANKS" comments riiiiiiight ... now.