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Which Rockies outfielder will be traded this week?

One Rockie may have saved his major league career this month. Another is one step closer to not having one in 2016.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Which Rockies outfielder has been the hottest over the last 30 days with at least 30 plate appearances?

Carlos Gonzalez?

Well, he's certainly been the hottest over the last week, and especially over the last few games hitting five home runs in his last four starts. However, even though you can trace a .950 OPS back to May 14th, he hasn't been the hottest outfielder in the last 30 days.

Charlie Blackmon?

Nope. Although he's become a near perfect leadoff hitter holding down center field with a .398 OBP over the last month, there's actually somebody that's been even hotter than him.

The answer?

Drew Stubbs. Remember him? Left for dead on the side of the road back in May.

Since returning to the majors at the beginning of the month, Stubbs has posted a 1.219 OPS. Granted, it's only 37 plate appearances, but it's probably enough production to save his job. This isn't to say anyone should expect him to keep hitting at this rate, but it's probably enough to say that the guy who couldn't even get the ball in play at the beginning of the season isn't who this guy is going forward. Stubbs still has something left in the tank, and therefore, he also has .... value?

Okay, it's not much value, but for everyone hoping an AL team will take a chance and give up something, anything for Wilin Rosario, wouldn't they rather have Drew Stubbs if they're a contender this year? This seems like a no brainer to me at this point.

Hotter hitter right now? Stubbs

Plays a position up the middle? Stubbs

Plays better defense? Stubbs

Better base runner? Stubbs

Better pinch hitter? Stubbs

Post season experience? Stubbs

More on Rosario in a moment.


Rockies hit five home runs in rout of Reds - Mark Sheldon and Dargan Southard /

If the Rockies made one thing clear again yesterday,  it's that they have plenty of guys capable of playing the outfield who can hit. It's not even just Cargo, Blackmon and Stubbs now. They also have Dickerson back from the DL as well as a hot hitting Ben Paulsen who's been playing first base of late with the crowded outfield.

In order for this week not to be considered a failure, Jeff Bridich needs to find value for at least one of these pieces.

Rosario in unfamiliar spot as possible trade chip - Thomas Harding /

At this point, I actually think "trade chip" is a generous title for Rosario. He has even less value now than he did at the beginning of the season. At least coming into 2015 he could be sold as a guy almost guaranteed to crush left handed pitcher. Now, he's not even doing that anymore.

What's left here? He doesn't hit for power much anymore, he almost never walks, he's terrible defensively wherever you put him, he's not a great base runner (if he ever gets on base), and he's getting worse at many of these things. It's sad to see, but at this point the better question surrounding Rosario might not be where is he playing next week, but IF he will be playing anywhere in the major leagues at all beyond this year.

Colorado Rockies still rotating solutions to fix pitching - Patrick Saunders / Denver Post

Patrick Saunders goes over the roation problems and has a look at some of the candidates for the 2016 season. Right now though, it's not going to get much better anytime soon as far as 2015 is concerned. Not as long as Chad Bettis, Jordan Lyles, Tyler Matzek, Tyler Chatwood, and Tyler Anderson are all on the DL.

Struggling Indians look like sellers, but don't have much to sell - Matt Snyder / CBS Sports

This isn't a Rockies article, but I'm linking it because it highlights absolute hypocrisy from the national media and how many of these "reporters" are really just pushing their own agenda as opposed to bringing readers useful information. Interestingly enough, in this case, the specific information is useful.

Snyder points out that the Indians shouldn't sell off Jason Kipnis because ... wait for it ....

Jason Kipnis is signed to a club-friendly deal through 2019 with a club option for 2020, so there's no reason to trade him.

Oh really?

That's interesting because the "signed to a club friendly deal through the end of the decade" point is exactly the one many people here have been making as far as Troy Tulowitzki is concerned.

It's funny how the national media can see and report this point when it doesn't work against their agenda of a player they want to see moved, specifically to New York. Think about the last 18 months for a moment. Have you once seen any member of  the national media make that point about Tulowitzki's team friendly contract that runs through the end of the decade?


Series Recap 7/24-7/26: Outrunning the Redlegs - Nick Tremaroli / Rockies Zingers

If you want a complete review of all the action from over the weekend that included three very different ballgames, this is a good place to go.