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Troy Tulowitzki trade: What the hell just happened?

What the hell is about to happen?

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Welcome to the 15th Purple Row edition (and 120th overall) of Tuesdays With Mitch, where our heads are spinning and our stomachs are turning. Let's get into it...


The Colorado Rockies organization has officially been flipped on its head. Troy Tulowitzki is a Toronto Blue Jay. Troy (deep breath) Tulowitzki (deep breath) is a (deep breath) Toronto (deep breath) BLUEJAY?! He plays for the Blue Jays now. Jose Reyes is on the Rockies? But is he actually on the Rockies? Maybe, maybe not. I'll ask you again, what in the hell just happened?

On nights like Monday and days like today, news and news reports and rumors and reaction and hot takes move so quickly and change so fast it's hard to jump in with any relevant commentary. As much fun as comment sections and Twitterings are when stuff like this goes down, I do think it would behoove fans not to get too invested until the dust settles and we see just what Jeff Bridich is doing (or trying to do) at this trade deadline.

This trade was a shocker for so many reasons. Nobody-- not national insiders, local beat writers, wise fans-- saw a trade of Tulowitzki to Toronto for Jose Reyes and minor league pitching on the horizon.

It's the biggest and most important trade in the history of the Rockies, and the whole situation has produced far more questions than answers. Such as:

  • Why is Jose Reyes on the Rockies? Indeed, this is most perplexing part of the entire situation. Jose Reyes is like Tulo, but older, more injury prone, half as good at baseball, and also expensive. Even considering the prospects coming over from Toronto, why would the Rockies want Reyes? He also blocks two of the Rockies best AAA prospects in Trevor Story and Christian Adames, who are future big league middle infielders.
  • When will the Rockies trade Jose Reyes? Based on the above bullet point, I think they have to... right? Will they do it before Friday's trade deadline or wait until the offseason? (Personally, I'd be cool with never seeing Jose Reyes play for the Rockies, but that's just me and may be coming from an irrational place.)
  • When (not if, hopefully) the Rockies trade Jose Reyes, how much of his contract will they have to eat? Reyes is owed $48 million after this year. Nobody is going give worthwhile prospects to the Rockies and take on Reyes' remaining contract.
  • Depending on the answer to the above question, how much salary will these moves actually free up for the Rockies? All of Tulo's contract is off the books, but lots of Reyes' will be staying around. I wonder what that math will end up looking like.
  • If one of the objectives of this trade was to free up salary, and if significant salary space is freed, are the Rockies planning on signing free agents or committing that money to Nolan Arenado in the long term?
  • Does this mean a complete and total rebuild? If they actually end up flipping Reyes, it does. Right?
  • So, if a complete and total rebuild is upon us, if blow-it-up mode is here, who is next?
  • It sounds like Carlos Gonzalez is next. Where will he end up and, more importantly, what will that return look like?
  • How high is CarGo's value right now?
  • Oh hey, also how freaking good is Good Carlos Gonzalez?
  • Does Jorge De La Rosa want out now?
  • What could JDLR fetch you?
  • Hundley? Blackmon? LeMaheiu? Axford? Betancourt? Rosario? Stubbs? Barnes? Everyone else?
  • Most importantly, does this trade make the Colorado Rockies organization better in the long term, big picture?
  • Will the Rockies ever see a player like Troy Tulowitzki again? Someone with the talent, the drive, the desire, the fire, the power, the average, the arm, the glove, the poise, the talent, the talent, the talent, the talent? (No.)
  • Will I shed a tear tonight when I see someone else trot out to shortstop, and I truly realize I'll never again see Troy Tulowitzki crush a high fastball or drill an offspeed pitch back up the middle or make a staggering throw across his body or turn a beautiful double play in a Rockies uniform? (Yes.)
A lot of these answers should come in the coming days and weeks and months, but for now I'm going to be perplexed. And I'm going to be hopeful.

And I'm going to be sad.

Farewell, Tulo. And thanks.

Now we proceed to the weekly departments... GET YOUR MIND OFF THE TRADE FOR A BIT, PEOPLE!

Stud of the week:

Cam Awesome truly is.

The Taylor Swift line is getting all the run here, but I love the "Core game on 100. I do sit-ups" part the most. I really do love this dude's outlook on things.

Photo of the week:

Love this shot from Hall Of Fame Weekend:

Tweet of the week:

Without touching that Hulk Hogan story from the last week, can we just laugh at this horribly inept tweet? I guess he's trying to tweet a link to a YouTube video, but instead sends a cropped screenshot of a link inside the body of a text message. Guys, this is absolutely hilarious. Old, famous people who suck at Twitter are so damn funny.

Vine of the week:

Freaking love this little dude:

Some other stuff from around the internet:

Lots of awesome things happening in this scene:
You know, I might be able to stomach the "Tooth Trot" if it consisted of nothing but kids falling and getting stuck upside down.

A pretty decent play from a youngster.
Some links I enjoyed from the last week:
And finally, thanks to that last link, we now have official footage that accurately represents the Rockies' season:

Happy Tuesday, everybody. Thanks for readin'. See ya next week.


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