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Troy Tulowitzki traded north of the border to the Toronto Blue Jays

No, last night wasn't a dream or nightmare.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Rockies trade Troy Tulowitzki and Latroy Hawkins to Toronto -

In a shocking move to just about everyone, the Rockies pulled the trigger on trading Troy Tulowitzki to a team no one expected, the Toronto Blue Jays.  In exchange, the Rockies recieved Jose Reyes, and three minor league pitchers.  Jeff Hoffman is the biggest prize, however Miguel Castro is 20 year old fire-thrower who's already spent time with the MLB team.  The final piece of the trade was Jesus Tinoco, who was 16th on Kiley McDaniel's preseason Toronto prospect list over at Fangraphs, and that was before having a very solid season so far in A ball.

The Rockies may have already called up Cristhian Adames which makes a Jose Reyes trade seem imminent, which isn't all that surprising, considering there were a lot of rumors early on last night that a third team may have been involved.

Thomas Harding's notes on the trade -

Patrick Saunders' take - Denver Post

Trading Troy Tulowitzki marks a drastic change for the Colorado Rockies organization more than any other possible move could had.  From now, through next off-season expect a lot of trades/transactions as Jeff Bridich follows through on the Rockies promise to make changes if this team wasn't competitive.

Scouting the Prospects in the Tulowitzki Trade - Fangraphs

Kiley McDaniel breaks down the three prospects the Rockies received from Toronto.

Hawkins excited to join Toronto -

As the already oft-forgotten second piece that the Rockies traded with Troy Tulowitzki, Hawkins is looking forward to joining Toronto in their playoff push.  This marks the eleventh MLB team for the 42 year old reliever.

Rockies Prepared to Deal Carlos Gonzalez -

As expected, with Tulowitzki already on the move, red-hot Carlos Gonzalez is also on the block.  Gonzalez appears to have regained his form after hitting two home runs in three of the Rockies' last four games, and the Rockies hope to capitalize on his restored value.

Cubs beat the Rockies 9-8 -

Completely overshadowed by the trade that quickly followed the game, the Rockies lost another game late thanks to their Bullpen.  Daniel Descalso and Carlos Gonzlaez played the heroes with 9th inning home runs that gave the Rockies the lead only for John Axford to play the goat, giving up a walk-off two-run home run to Kris Bryant.