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Jose Reyes in the lineup for the first time

Meet your new Rockies shortstop

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Descalso was just a transition last night (hey, he actually had a pretty good game). But the new Rockies shortstop has arrived. Jose Reyes will suit up, play at short, and bat second for the Colorado Rockies. Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd write.

With all the hullabaloo around Tulowitzki and the pitching prospects Colorado received in return, Jose Reyes has somehow slipped under the radar. Reyes is older than Tulo and in his decline phase, but he has still produced a fabulous career. Who knows, he might go 3-4 and steal a base tonight. That probably won't ease the sting too much...but it might a little.

Meanwhile, DJ LeMahieu is slotted into the fifth spot of the lineup, an unfamiliar location for the low-power second baseman. But if he keeps spraying doubles and triples around the yard he might not be a bad solution there.

Eddie Butler gets the start tonight. One wonders how he views The Trade. All of a sudden a lot more arms are aiming for his rotation spot. Can Butler finally start making good on his high potential?

Despite all the craziness going on in Rockie-land right now, the team has been showing serious offensive swagger the past week, and has a chance to win this series against the Cubs; indeed, they should be in position for a sweep were it not for a blown save.

Game time is 12:20 Mountain. There's no Root broadcast, though MLB Network may be showing the game. Go Rockies.