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Jenny Cavnar graces the Rockies radio booth and the Rox sign a top international free agent in today's links

Oh, and there was a Rockies game last night, and they lost.

ROOT Sports TV broadcast

Cavnar makes inroads as female broadcaster -

Jenny Cavnar's turn in the Rockies' radio booth last night marked one of the few times a woman has called a Major League Baseball game. That's somewhat surprising; sure, Major League Baseball is a game played by men, but that should have no bearing on who broadcasts the games. The qualifications for broadcasting should be knowledge of the game and fluency with language, not gender.

Breaking into broadcasting has to be incredibly difficult unless you know somebody. It must be doubly frustrating to be on the outside when mediocre broadcasters like Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, and Harold Reynolds seem to have lifetime passes. I didn't hear Cavnar's broadcast, but I hope she did well and that people noticed. Broadcasting has a major effect on my enjoyment of baseball games, and I'm tired of having to mute the TV to escape the inane drivel assaulting my ears. Anything that upsets the status quo and makes broadcasting more of a meritocracy is a good thing.

Arenado perplexed after rare two-error game -

Nolan Arenado had a tough game last night, when a couple of crucial errors led to a passel of runs for the Diamondbacks. His sixth inning boot with two outs brought another batter to the plate, who promptly smacked a two-run triple. His eighth inning flub also led to runs.

The Rockies would probably lose the game without Arenado's errors anyway because A) they were in Arizona, where they are 52-100 all time, and B) the Rockies are lousy this year. Usually Nolan is saving games for the Rockies instead of losing them, so he deserves plenty of slack.

Rockies sign international free agent Montano for $2 million -

The Rockies shelled out $2 million for Daniel Montano, the 12th ranked international prospect according to Montano is a lean, left-handed center fielder. Two million is a pretty hefty number, so hopefully this kid develops into something special.

In case you missed it, Drew Stubbs recalled by Rockies; Ynoa optioned to Triple-A - Denver Post

Hopefully, whatever afflicted Stubbs has been corrected. His strikeout rate in the minors was 23.6%, which isn't so bad considering what he was doing in the majors.