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MLB trade deadline 2015: Who stays and who goes for the Colorado Rockies?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

CarGo could be match for Orioles' needs -

It's July 31st; the last day teams can make trades. The Orioles already landed Gerardo Parra earlier this morning, perhaps scuttling the above-referenced rumor, but the principle still stands. The Rockies are rebuilding (or reloading, or retooling, or re-whatever-word-you-want-to-use-ing), and Carlos Gonzalez is the most likely piece to follow Tulo out the door. Will Bridich swing another deal? Stay tuned.

Martinez apologizes for flare-up with Rockies -

Last night's debacle of a game featured everything, including an inexplicably angry Carlos Martinez plunking DJ LeMahieu and flipping the bird at the Rockies clubhouse. He apologized after the game, but it's unclear why he was so emotional in the first place.

Axford searching for better control to end slump -

John Axford has basically blown four straight games for the Rockies. Last night's catastrophe was especially brutal; handed a two run lead, he immediately surrendered the advantage and walked in the winning run.

He tweeted this after the game:

His struggles have been painful, on himself most of all. Hopefully he rights the ship.