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Colorado Rockies pitcher Tyler Chatwood has hope for a successful return

Tyler Chatwood could possibly play a big role in the 2016 starting rotation if he can come back and be successful.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Hope for Colorado Rockies' Tyler Chatwood – The Denver Post

Tommy John surgery has been somewhat of an epidemic in MLB lately, and right-hander Tyler Chatwood is attempting his second comeback from the surgery. The Rockies faced reliever Daniel Hudson Friday night, who has had two Tommy John surgeries, and he still hits 97 mph on the radar gun. That gives Chatwood confidence that he can return and be effective. Chatwood has been throwing bullpen sessions, which consist of off-speed pitches and fastballs, totaling 45 pitches. Chatwood is planning on facing live hitters after the All-Star break.

'I'd rather just play': Arenado doesn't want day off - MLB

Nolan Arenado is just awesome. The Rockies are not a fun team to be playing for right now, but Arenado doesn't seem to care. He just wants to play every single day. Arenado has started 78 of the Rockies' 81 games this year. This is some great insight from Arenado and he drops this dandy of a quote, "I want to play every day. I don't like taking days off. I don't want to pinch-hit. I don't like to do those things."

Sinking fastballs betraying Colorado Rockies pitching duo – The Denver Post

David Hale and Kyle Kendrick, both sinkerball pitchers, haven't had much success in their first season with the Rockies. Kendrick has allowed a MLB-leading 23 homers this year, and his ERA currently sits at 6.07. Hale has struggled with the long ball as well, allowing 11 home runs in just 42 innings. Having the tendency to give up home runs and pitching in Colorado is not a good mix.

Trevor Story's next challenge is Triple-A – The Denver Post

You can relax, Troy Tulowitzki fans. Trevor Story's promotion to Triple-A had nothing to do with a possible Tulo trade, according to the Rockies' player of development Zach Wilson. The promotion was simply just the next step in Story's development. Story finished in Double-A hitting .281 with 20 doubles, 10 home runs, and 40 RBI's.


Charlie Blackmon Trade on the Horizon? – Rockies Zingers

Charlie Blackmon is quietly putting together a solid season. He's put up 1.7 WAR on the season, and is not far from topping his 2014 total of 2.1. Could Blackmon be a trade candidate? Marco Mamolen provides his thoughts.

What's The Colorado Rockies' Plan With Cristhian Adames? – RoxPile

Cristhian Adames has been tearing it up in Triple-A this year, and with the promotion of Trevor Story, it would seem likely the Rockies would be making some sort of move Adames soon. Bobby DeMuro takes a look at some of the options the Rockies have.