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Trading Jose Reyes at the deadline vs. keeping him into the offseason: Part 1 of a Purple Row staff discussion

Sometimes our intrastaff discussions get a little spirited. That happened a few days ago when the subject of how long Reyes should stay with the Rockies came up.

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The Purple Row staff talks about a lot of things away from the site. That's what happens when new, quick methods of communication arises. But one thing we want to make sure happens is that almost everything we talk about eventually makes it to the site. You guys deserve it, plus good conversation between the staff can create good conversation among the community.

So, maybe we'll make this a regular thing. The first edition of the Purple Row Roundtable (unofficial name) focuses on whether Jose Reyes should stay somewhat long term after the Rockies acquired him as part of a package in exchange for Troy Tulowitzki. There was also a second part, but you'll get to see that another day (soon, though).

Without further ado...


Drew Creasman: They are going to end up keeping Reyes past the deadline and he's going to get hurt and lose all value.

Jordan Freemyer: Or hit .320 with a bunch of triples and gain value...

Tommy McCall: Yep. There is no middle ground.

TM: The Rockies will either benefit from him or get completely screwed over.

Ryan Freemyer: I just don't want to see Reyes with the Rockies for any period of time. It's nothing personal against the guy, I just don't want him. I'd much rather see Cristhian Adames get two months worth of every day at-bats.

DC: I could see that happening too, Jordan. Reyes used to be my go-to trade in MLB The Show and I put him at second those years the Rockies had no one over there. His profile at Coors is awesome.

Ryan Schoppe: Just noticed that it was Adames getting sent down instead of one of the 13 pitchers. Guy didn't even get a start...

DC: That sucks.

RF: Didn't even get into the game.

DC: Gah. He's the only player whose handling has really bothered me this season.

DC: Well and Tulo ... lol.

Russ Oates: Facebook wants Reyes gone yesterday, it appears.

DC: I want Reyes gone yesterday. This is super risky if they keep him.

RS: Reyes gets the start and comes out in the second inning becuase of a trade; Descalso enters and we have no backup INF for the rest of the game ... oh joy.

DC: I'd be more fine with that than keeping him through the deadline.

JF: What if they trade him in August?

RS: Yeah I'm OK with this right now. I just am getting tired of 13 pitchers on the 25-man roster. Send one down and get Adames up here. I'm fine with Story staying in Triple-A for the rest of the year while they try to move Reyes for a decent package.

RF: I'm okay with Story staying down, but I'd really like Adames to get regular playing time up here this season.

TM: I'm fine as long as Reyes is gone by Opening Day 2016.

JF: My ideal scenario: Trade Reyes, send down a reliever, call up Adames and Parker.

RS: I really couldn't care less about Parker at this point.

TM: There is a risk by keeping [Reyes], but that was a risk with Tulo too.

DC: Put Rosario in the Reyes trade and call up both.

RS: Yeah I think the risk of Reyes getting injured is less than Tulo by a fairly large margin.

TM: If they had kept Tulo (which I wouldn't have been totally against) and he got hurt in August, I think that would've been it...

TM: ... for a solid return.

TM: Especially considering the 10-and-5 rule kicking in next year.

DC: The difference is, the Rockies didn't give anything up to get Tulo.

DC: I see Reyes as the exact same injury risk. And he's older, which leaves less time to rebound.

DC: But the main thing is, if Reyes does get hurt at this point, that means the trade becomes Tulo for those three young guys and no salary relief for two years. That's a ton of pressure considering TINSTAAPP.

TM: The Rockies aren't competing until Reyes's contract is expired anyway, so I view the salary relief as a big part of that deal.

TM: I wish they would have gotten one more elite prospect, but I think it was a solid trade when you consider that Toronto is eating everything.

DC: In that case, gotta deal Carlos Gonzalez, Corey Dickerson, and Nolan Arenado.

TM: Trade CarGo, yes. Dickerson I wouldn't be opposed to, though he probably doesn't have enough value right now.
I don't know about Arenado yet. I'm not educated enough.

DC: He can leave after '19. If, as you say, they won't even be competitive until Reyes is gone, that is three more seasons after this one of losing for Arenado going into his contract year.

DC: You need everything to come together with those young guys very quickly to have any chance of keeping him at that point.

RS: I think the Rockies could have their 2015 Astros season in 2017, so I'm OK with keeping arenado until the middle of that yearh to see if that's the case or not.

TM: Reyes' contract expires after '16 or '17?

RS: After '17, with an option for '18.

DC: Which is banking everything on 2018.

RS: With Story doing well in Triple-A, I see almost no scenario where Reyes is still with this team come next Opening Day.

TM: Yeah. I think he's gone by the conclusion of the Winter Meetings. I would like to see him traded now, but oh well.

Jay Milnes: I'd like to see Adames just get a run of games to see what we have in him, I think he deserves it with his work in Albuquerque.

RS: I want to trade Reyes for the largest return, and if that's at the Winter Meetings, I'm OK with it.

DC: If he gets hurt, they won't have that choice.

JM: That's my fear as well, Drew.

DC: They will have to keep him moving into next season which causes all kinds of problems.

JM: With Reyes, I'd rather get the sure "B" grade in a trade than a very risky "A."

Holly Paulsen: But that's only the case if it's some long term injury.

TM: My fear as well, but it's a risk the Rockies took with Tulo for multiple years.

HP: Reyes hasn't had that kind of problem, has he?

JM: Not that those grades are supposed to mean anything, but in general that's my thought.

RS: Reyes played 160 games in 2012, 93 in 2013, and 142 last year. He's on pace for another 140 games this season and now that he's off turf, I think he's far less of a risk -- especially if the Rockies give him the Tulo-like rest schedule knowing that keeping him healthy and productive is imperative.

DC: Except again, the Rockies always had much larger windows to work with when trading Tulo. They were never really in a position where they NEEDED to move him. They NEED to move Reyes.

RS: Another reason I'd like Adames back up: so that they have good reason to play Reyes less.

DC: A 31-year old Tulo coming off another injury is still more valuable than a 33-year-old Reyes coming off another injury.

HP: If he gets hurt this season, you lose the chance that he regains value (which you lose anyway if you trade him immediately) but if it's a minor injury, I really don't think you lose the option to trade him over the offseason and it doesn't really lower his value any in my mind.

RS: Oh by far, Drew. However, the Rox already more than compensated for that difference with the prospects they got back.

DC: I hope so.

HP: The main risk would be a torn ACL or something serious that would prevent him from being healthy on Opening Day. And that doesn't seem all that likely to me.

RS: Moving Reyes at the right time to the right team could get the Rox 1-2 more prospects. That makes the Tulo trade look like a really good move for the future.

DC: I had set my bar at two Top 50 prospects and they got maybe one, which for me means Reyes needs to turn into something valuable (more than just eventual salary relief).

RS: I think a lot of people are underselling Reyes' value at this point. He's a 3-plus WAR SS on a fair market deal that doesn't extend past his 36th birthday.

DC: I like Reyes. Always have. It's just so risky.

HP: I really feel like you're overestimating the amount of risk a bit.

JM: Depending what the Rox get for Reyes, now or in the future, I agree that this could end up looking like a very good deal.

DC: With Hoffman in Double-A, the point of this should be a rebuild, which means keeping an aging player with an injury history is a risk. The sooner he is moved for something younger, the better.

JM: I'd prefer him gone before the deadline as well, but I also think you're probably right (Holly and Ryan) in that they'll still be able to move him over the offseason for a decent return, essentially making this Tulo and LaTroy Hawkins for maybe five prospects and salary relief. Hopefully Bridich continues to break the mold and spends some of it.

DC: I obviously hope you guys are right.

JM: We've been taught to fear the worst, being Rockies fans and all.

DC: My point wasn't necessarily to say this is GOING to happen. My argument here is that IF Reyes does get (to Holly's point, SERIOUSLY) hurt, then they are screwed in a lot of ways.

RS: Plus it's really tough to see anything good coming out of a team trading its star player, so you start seeing all the negative possibilities...


Speaking of that last line, we'll have the second part of our discussion -- the Rockies' handling of the Tulowitzki trade -- in the coming days. We hope you enjoyed this. Let's talk about it in the comments!