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Colorado Rockies return home to face the San Diego Padres

If you thought the Rockies season was disappointing, the Padres' is arguably far worse

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Returning home after a four-game sweep at the hands of the mighty New York Mets pitching staff, the Rockies face another disappointing squad, the San Diego Padres. Despite being declared the winners of the past offseason, the Padres have stumbled their way to a 54-61 record that places them above only the Rockies in the NL West.

Unlike the Rockies, who made a big splash at the deadline by trading Troy Tulowitzki, the Padres sat on their hands with their biggest move being the facetious request for Paul Goldschmidt in a trade. Much like the Rockies they are now riding out a disappointing season and hoping that the offseason once again brings them some excitement and hope.

Padres Power Rankings

1. Pitching:  The Padres really aren't good at much of anything this season, and this is evident by the fact that their pitching is their strongest unit despite a 4.00 ERA and despite getting to pitch at Petco park. (FWAR rankings MLB: 21, NL: 10)

2. Offense: Despite acquiring Matt Kemp, Will Myers and the Upton brothers in an attempt to boost their miserable offense, not much has really changed as their offense is actually worse than the Mets one they just faced.  (FWAR rankings MLB: 27, NL: 13)

3. Defense: This one isn't a surprise.  While the bats may not have lived up to expectations, the gloves certainly lived down to theirs.  This team is just bad defensively, and especially so in the outfield, which could make for some interesting plays this weekend at Coors Field. (FWAR rankings MLB: 27, NL: 14)

Who to watch: Hitter

Will Venable is one of those hitters who seems to just eat Colorado alive. Normally, just a league average hitter, his numbers against the Rockies are 25 percent better than against everyone else. Those hits also seem to be the kind that hurt, which is backed up by the fact that he has more career RBIs against the Rockies than any other team in his career. With Wil Myers being on the 60-day DL, Venable has stepped back into the starting CF role.

Who to watch: Pitcher

While James "Big Game" Shields isn't scheduled to pitch against the Rockies this series, the Rockies will have to face Tyson Ross.  Ross has been the Padres best starting pitcher this year due to his 9.6 K/9 and minuscule 0.26 HR/9. However, Ross does have a weakness with a 4.09 BB/9 rate, which doesn't mix well with Coors Field.  Ross has a career 0-5 record at Coors Field in six games, four of which were starts.

Probable Pitchers:

Fri, Aug. 14 - 6:40 p.m. MT: Tyson Ross (8-9) vs. Yohan Flande (2-1)

Sat, Aug. 15 - 6:10 p.m.: Andrew Cashner (4-12) vs. Jon Gray (0-0)

Sun, Aug 16 - 2:10 p.m.: Ian Kennedy (7-10) vs. Chris Rusin (3-5)

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