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Jose Reyes wants to win and would welcome a trade if it gave him that chance

Jose Reyes told the Denver Post that he wants to win and doesn't want to finish out his contract with a last place team.

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Jose Reyes eyes trade from Colorado Rockies —

Jose Reyes is a lot like Troy Tulowitzki: "I'm at the point in my career that I want to win," Reyes told the Denver Post and on which this ESPN article is based, "I say it over and over. I want to win." In other words, Reyes would welcome a trade to a contender right now. And in that way, he feels the same as most Rockies fans do. While there hasn't been any outwardly harsh criticism toward Reyes since arriving (as far as I can tell), the sentiment has mostly been "please trade him and trade him fast." That's not totally fair to Reyes.

Within all that, especially given Reyes's down season, it's easy to forget how great of a career he has had. If Brendan Rodgers has even half the career Reyes has had, it will be a huge success for the Rockies. If Rodgers has one-fourth of Reyes's career, he'll have outperformed most other number three draft picks. Reyes is a veteran who wants, at the very least, a chance to win, and I hope he gets it before he retires.

Nick Hundley exits after foul tip hits mask |

The Rockies removed Nick Hundley in the first inning yesterday after a foul tip hit Hundley in the mask.'s Thomas Harding quotes Walt Weiss, who said that Hundley "got dinged on a straight foul tip, took a good shot, and was a little woozy." If you've been paying attention to the enormous problem of concussions in football, you know that announcers and personnel use code words to avoid talking about concussions. "He got his bell rung." "Shaking out the cobwebs." "A little woozy."

Harding notes that Hundley did undergo concussion testing, but there hasn't been word whether or not he suffered one—only that he was removed "for precautionary reasons." Given the potential consequences of playing through even a minor concussion, the Rockies should extend the precautionary measure to the 7-day disabled list.

Coors Field is getting weird and Walt Weiss has a theory why — Denver Post

Walt Weiss, according to Nick Groke, believes that the forest fires from the western United States are having an effect on the run-scoring environment at Coors Field recently. If that's the case, it's a temporary and contextual weirding of mile high baseball.

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Jersey Confidence Index, Rockies edtion: Who should you buy? - Rockies Zingers

This is the perfect article for the August doldrums of a non-contending team. Using wearability, legacy, and star power as measures, which Rockies jerseys are safest to get right now? Some of the ratings are debatable. There's also surely a group of jersey ironists who want to be the person milling about Coors Field in 2020 wearing a Daniel Descalso jersey. Have fun with it.