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Monday Rockpile: The Rockies have reached baseball's basement

So, can you take six more weeks of this?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockies are now in baseball's cellar, look as bad as they have all year pitching wise, and are about to depart for an east coast road trip. Rock bottom might not even be here yet.

Mets sweep Rockies, Colorado now owns worst record in MLB - Patrick Saunders / Denver Post

Saunders has quotes from Carlos Gonzalez and manager Walt Weiss  who are trying to say all the right things after yet another tough stretch of baseball, but they almost comes off as pitiable figures if you read between the lines because you can tell these are guys with experience in this depressing arena of beyond meaningless baseball in August and September.

The quote where Cargo says "we don't want to be part of anything negative" when asked about the possibility of 100 loses was particularly sad. We're already way past negative. It's just a matter of how negative this gets. The last four years have been like going into the limitless boundaries of outer space on that front.

As far as the reverse standings are concerned, there's actually three teams 24 games under .500 with both the Phillies and Marlins sitting at 50-74 compared to the Rockies 49-73. However, due to the extra win, they're winning percentage is .403 to the Rockies .402. In addition to those teams, the Reds are just two games ahead of this mess at 51-71 and are on a nine game losing streak, so the Rockies have plenty of company near the bottom and could leapfrog a few teams with just one good week of baseball. If the pitching keep doing what it's done lately though, that won't be happening.

Rockies DFA Rafael Betancourt as part of bullpen shuffle - Eric Garcia McKinley / Purple Row

Yet another member of the last Rockies competitive team is gone. Betancourt deserves credit for trying to make a comeback and getting as far as he did (even looking good for a few outings very early in the season), but it's now obvious that injuries and father time have caught up to one of the greatest Rockies relievers of all time.

I do however think the timing of this move was rather crummy. The Rockies held on to Betancourt all season even though his April though June ERA (6.75) was over a run higher than his July and August ERA (5.50). With bullpen help via September call ups just a week away and this team going absolutely nowhere, I would have preferred, at this point, to let him stay on the roster for the rest of the season and allow him retire after an inning at Coors in the last week or two of the season in a blowout game so he could get a proper send off.

Make no mistake, Betancourt's departure from this team had to happen at season's end, and I would have been fine with it if they made this move in June. It just seems strange to me to keep him on the roster for five months with expanded rosters in sight and them dump him to bring up Jairo Diaz who has a 6.1 BB/9 rate in Albuquerque. Yes, the bullpen was trashed after Friday and Saturday, but this is not how I would have handled this situation.

The Rockies have had pretty horrendous timing lately when moving on from their beloved players, so at think point I'm expecting Carlos Gonzalez to get traded on Thanksgiving and Nolan Arenado to get dealt on Christmas.

Jaded Jose Reyes would welcome a trade from the Rockies - Nick Groke / Denver Post

This was linked as the main article in yesterday's Rockpile, but I'm linking it again because it feels like this is a story that's not going to die very easily and will only get uglier the longer Reyes hangs around. He wants out of here, most of the fans want him out of here, I'm sure the front office probably wants him out of here, but as discussed in other articles, nobody wants to pay that bloated, toxic contract.

Hale features strikeout stuff in historically wild start -Dargan Southard /

If you're looking for some positives in yesterday's loss, David Hale struck out nine in six innings of work. It came at a price though as he also threw four wild pitches and allowed five runs (four earned). Still, his outing was the best of any starter the Rockies featured in that series against the Mets, which to be fair isn't saying much.

MLB standings

Finally, I'm linking the MLB standings to point out that somehow, the D-Backs are just five games off the NL West division lead after the Dodgers got swept in Houston this weekend in rather unbelievable fashion (They were no hit on Friday and then lost with Greinke and Kershaw on the mound on Saturday and Sunday).

What's even more amazing is that the D-Back have lost three games to the Dodgers this year via walk-off and / or extra innings (depending on who was home). If Arizona could have managed to win just one of those games, they would be a mere three back right now.

I don't think they can jump over the Dodgers or the Giants, but it's amazing the snakes have stayed this close.

One other interesting note here. At the start of the season, the three Vegas favorites to win the World Series were the Nationals, Dodgers, and Red Sox. As each week passes, the possibility of all of those teams not only failing to win the World Series, but miss the playoffs entirely gets bigger and bigger. In what other major sport do you see that happen? You just can't predict baseball.


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