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Troy Tulowitzki should be remembered at tonight's Rockies game -- here's how you can help

Rockies fans can make one last Tulo memory at Coors Field tonight if they follow this advice ...

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, something will happen at Coors Field that hasn't happened in a decade. The Rockies will take the field at home without Troy Tulowitzki as a member of their organization. It truly is the end of an era for this franchise, and it's going to take some adjusting.

Part of what makes tonight's game so sad is the reminder of how fans never got to issue a proper goodbye to the face of their franchise. Nobody could've anticipated that when the Rockies left on their last road trip, Tulo wouldn't be coming back, so a proper send off was never given.

However, I think we can change that tonight. I'm not usually the one to start chants in the stands, but if I was going to tonight's game (I'm not - 1,800 miles is a bit too far of a drive), I'd make an exception. Because tonight, all I really want to hear at Coors Field is the Tulo chant one last time during a game.

That's right folks. Do the Tulo chant! You know the one.

It may sound odd at first with Tulo not there, but when you think about it, this would be the perfect little tribute to the greatest shortstop we're probably ever going to see wear a Rockies uniform.

Let's count the ways:

1) Rockies fans helped create a special chant that was just for him and he mentioned on multiple occasions how much he loved it. Most players don't have their own special chant, so a random applause at a game like tonight wouldn't work. But Tulo has something specific connected to his name, so it's a great opportunity for Rockies fans to use it to their advantage.

2) It lets the Rockies organization know how much fans loved this player. It could also rub off on the other players too. Nolan Arenado for instance was extremely upset when he first found out about the trade. If Nolan hears fans caring about a star player this much, it might help when he has a choice to leave after the 2019 season.

3) It doesn't disparage the Rockies or the front office. My father used to always tell me that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, and that's certainly true here. If you're upset about not being about to see Tulo in a Rockies uniform anymore, I can assure you that anger and nastiness towards the front office won't help.

However, this would get the message across in a completely peaceful manner.

4) It will mean something to Tulo.

I can guarantee you that if we can get Coors to do the Tulo chant tonight, Tulo will find out about it and be touched knowing that he meant that much to the fans here.

5) It will bring proper closure to the Tulo era. Instead of the last memory of this man's time with the Rockies being him trying to hold back tears as he finds out he's been traded,  it can be his name rattling around Coors Field as fans issue a proper goodbye.

(If you're going to participate in this though, please do me one favor and don't do the chant when Jose Reyes is up to bat. That's not fair to him. In fact, when the Rockies are on defense is probably a better time to do it in general.)

That's all I've got folks. Now it's up to you to make this happen. If you're not going to the game tonight and know somebody who is headed to 20th and Blake, please share this.

Troy Tulowitzki may never play another game in a Rockies uniform, but that doesn't mean his famous chant shouldn't reverberate around Coors Field one last time. So if you're going to the game tonight ...



CLAP-CLAP-CLAP-CLAP ....... (finish it for me) ....