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Kyle Kendrick to rejoin the team in what might be a six-man rotation for September

Rockies news and links for Sunday August 30, 2015.

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Kyle Kendrick to start Tuesday for Rockies |

Thomas Harding reports that Kyle Kendrick will start one of the Rockies two games on Tuesday. Kendrick has been on the disabled list with right shoulder inflammation.

Scott Oberg needs to eliminate walks for Rockies - The Denver Post

In addition to some quotes from Scott Oberg and Walt Weiss about Oberg's trouble with control, Patrick Saunders writes that the Rockies are considering using a six-man rotation in September. If that's the case, then Kendrick might not displace anybody when he returns on Tuesday.

Charlie Blackmon keeps pace for Rockies |

Yesterday, I watched a bit of the Blue Jays-Tigers game. With a runner on second and one out, a Blue Jays batter hit a deep fly ball to center field. Tigers center fielder Anthony Gose caught the ball and started jogging toward the infield as if there were three outs. Not only that, but neither of the Tigers corner outfielders urged him to throw the ball back to the infield. The runner on second tagged and came around to score.

While there has yet to be a scientific study about the amount of brain farts on the field in April vs. August, I suspect that August would win. In this article, Thomas Harding talks to Charlie Blackmon and Walt Weiss about the difficulty of staying focused over a long season. Baseball Prospectus's Russell Carleton has illustrated that plate discipline declines as the season progresses. And even more recently, Beyond the Box Score's Henry Druschel has illustrated the fluctuations of defensive performance from the beginning to the end of the season. It's not only hard to maintain stamina and remain physically fit over the long season, but it's also difficult to continuously renew focus day in and day out over a six month regular season. Blackmon has been successful at maintaining a high level of play. Part of it, Harding notes, is making adjustments on the field and not playing every game like it's the last.

Diamondbacks 2, Athletics 3: Thanks, Jhoulys - now, pack your bags - AZ Snake Pit

Former member of the Rockies Jhoulys Chacin had another strong outing for the Diamondbacks last night. But after the game, he was promptly optioned to Triple-A Reno. However, it's likely a temporary move, as the Diamondbacks needed to make room for a spot starter, and because rosters are going to expand shortly anyhow. The Diamondbacks arrive in Denver tomorrow for a three game set, but the Rockies won't see Chacin. If the Rockies do face the former Rockies pitcher this season, it will be in Arizona, where the season series finishes up from September 29-October 1.


An Aggravating Baseball Layover - Rockies Zingers

This is a repeat link, I know, but it's worth pointing to again. Ryan Hammon takes a comprehensive look at some of the potential in and offseason trade partners for Jose Reyes. Reyes has a hefty contract to work around, and he's not the player he used to be, but, first, the contract at least isn't lengthy at two years after this one, and second, Reyes is still a functional shortstop. In fact, he was a three win player as recently as last season.

The time is fast closing for an in season move. Hammon (correctly, I think) identifies the Yankees as the optimal landing spot right now. The outlook will shift in the offseason. So, if you haven't read this yet, go read it.