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Brandon Barnes is the Colorado Rockies' dirtiest player

We mean that in the best way possible.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody has ever accused Colorado Rockies outfielder Brandon Barnes of taking anything with him when he leaves the baseball field each night. Go ahead. Ask around. We’ll be waiting.

Barnes doesn’t get the playing time that star players such as Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez receive, but when he does get called upon by Colorado manager Walt Weiss, you can bet that the second-year Rockie is going to make at least one memorable thing happen. Whether it’s a big pinch hit, a diving catch, running the bases with reckless abandon – whatever it is, Barnes does it with maximum effort and energy.

"I play with passion," Barnes told Purple Row earlier this season. "Sometimes it gets the best of me, and sometimes it gets me and the team going. Either way, I come here to have fun."

Barnes’ approach to the game is clearly evident to anyone who watches him play. For example, he does things like this fairly regularly:

It’s not just the flashy stuff, though; in fact, that’s not really a major part of Barnes’ game. He’s not the most talented player on the field, but part of what has made him successful – like when he posted a .279/.313/.541 line as a pinch hitter last season – is that he refuses to try to be someone he’s not.

"I don’t feel like I have to prove myself," Barnes said. "I am who I am. These guys know that."

Who is Barnes, exactly? Here’s perhaps the perfect example that can be used to explain the answer to that question:

Everyone who follows the Rockies remembers that play, and in the grand scheme of things, its importance can easily be overstated. But for Barnes, it’s typical of the type of player he is. Hard-working, daring, unafraid, (dare I say it?) gritty and, most importantly, fun.

That last part is the key with Barnes.

"I’m just glad I’ve been given this opportunity and I’m grateful for it," Barnes said. "Now I’ve just gotta out and have fun, get these guys going and stay on top of everybody."

"The big thing is having fun," he added. "When you don’t have fun, you’re not gonna win. So, you’ve gotta have fun."

We know you’re having fun, Brandon. And we’re having fun watching you. Keep getting that uniform dirty.

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