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Friday Rockpile: George Frazier is retiring

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Dusty Saunders: George Frazier bowing out of booth at season's end - Denver Post

Love him or hate him, the George Frazier era is ending for Root Sports and Rockies fans. This likely means an enhanced role for Jeff Huson and Ryan Spilborghs to go along with Drew Goodman.

Kyle Parker getting big chance to show Rockies what he can do - Denver Post

As the 2015 season drags to a close, it behooves the Rockies to see what they have in their AAA depth. Kyle Parker, a former first rounder, is getting a try-out at the major leagues. Despite pedestrian minor league numbers, there's nothing wrong with seeing if Parker can break in at the major league level.

LeMahieu comfortable anywhere in the lineup -

DJ LeMahieu's .322 batting average comes as one of the most pleasant surprises of the 2015 season, leading to an enhanced role in the batting order. Seeing DJ's offense progress to join his gold-glove defense has been wonderful to watch.