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Unconfirmed observations about Brendan Rodgers

Rockies top pick Brendan Rodgers is being allowed to recover from a busy final high school season.

For those of you who have noticed that Colorado Rockies first-round draft pick Brendan Rodgers hasn't been getting much playing time in Grand Junction this season, here are a few unconfirmed observations.

Based on conversations with people around the team, the sense I get is that the organization is taking it very slow with the 18-year-old based on some mild concern that he may have been overworked during the course of his high school season and ensuing showcases.

Rodgers also experienced a somewhat severe stomach bug shortly after joining the GJ squad, which also contributed to his limited field action.

The playing time has been intermittent and the box scores unimpressive, for the most part. Those two concepts are not unrelated, but the main goal at this point seems to be letting Rodgers fully recover, building up his endurance and durability and setting sights on next year as a time to really hit the ground running.

We cannot confirm the intentions of the club, but a source close to the situation told me, "Right now, if he isn't feeling 100 percent, he's not going to play."

Rodgers is hitting .250/.337/.388 in 92 plate appearances spanning 21 games in his professional debut.