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Eddie Butler looks to rebound from another poor start

Eddie Butler starts for the Rockies this afternoon.

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

If I had told you before the season started that Eddie Butler and Stephen Strasburg would post similar numbers in 2015, you, Rockies fan, would have been happy. That has actually been the case. But what has also been the case is that Strasburg has had a bad season. Butler enters today's game with a 5.45 ERA in 14 starts. Strasburg, due to injury, has started 13 games and comes in to tonight's game with a 5.16 ERA.

But ERA doesn't tell the whole story. There are reasons not to worry about Strasburg going forward, even aside from his track record of success. He's walked 2.7 batters per nine inning this season and has struck out just over a batter an inning. Those figures contribute to a respectable 3.55 FIP.

The same can't be said about Butler. Butler is still walking almost five batters per nine innings and is striking out just under five per nine. As I've written before, those numbers are reasons to worry about Butler's future as a major league starter, as they are simply not components of success. His 6.02 FIP is actually worse than his ERA. There are pitchers who have started their careers with those walk and strikeout rates—namely, Jake Arrieta and Dallas Keuchel—and righted the ship, so it's still way too early to give up on the 24 year-old righty.

Tonight, Butler will face a formidable opponent in the Washington Nationals. The Virginia native will be playing near his home, and maybe that can play a small part in Butler turning it around and concluding the 2015 season on a high note.


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