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Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez leading the National League in home runs

Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez are awesome, even though the Rockies aren't. Also, a fun quiz at the end to reminisce on the good ol' days.

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Follow the MLB Leaders – Sports on Earth

It’s another depressing year for the Rockies, but at least we have Nolan Arenado and Carlos Gonzalez to watch. Arenado and Gonzalez currently hold the top two spots in the National League in home runs. Arenado, who has 38 home runs, has hit 20 of them on the road, disproving any argument that his power only comes at home. CarGo has hit 15 home runs since the beginning of August to bring his total to 37. There’s really nothing more fun than watching those two go up to the plate swinging for the fences. DJ LeMahieu also is a small threat to win the NL batting title.

Recalling baseball’s best Septembers – Sports on Earth

I clicked on this assuming Troy Tulowitzki would be on here, but he wasn’t. To make this list, the player’s team had to have made the playoffs that year, and we all know what happened in 2010. Regardless, it made me want to write a quick blurb on Tulo’s ridiculous September in 2010. In that month alone, Tulo slashed .303/.366/.754 and hit 15 home runs while driving in 40 runs. If Tulo had hit 40 RBI every month that season, he would have had 240 RBI on the year. It’s crazy to think about.


An Ode To Colorado Rockies Catcher Nick Hundley – RoxPile

Nick Hundley has been a great player for the Rockies this season, and it’s unfortunate it ended the way it did. Hundley’s defense isn’t special, but his leadership and offensive production has been huge. Bobby DeMuro provides his thoughts.


Can you name all of the players on the 2007 Rockies team?

Inspired by Grant Brisbee's quiz over at McCovey Chronicles, I have created a quiz for every player that played on the 2007 National League championship team. You have seven minutes to answer, and there is a total of 56 players. Post your results below in the comment section.