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Game Preview: Everyone loves September lineups

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It's mid-September, and the lineups are starting to get a little wonky. Add in the fact that Carlos Gonzalez tweaked a knee and last night's game was a marathon, and the Rockies are getting a little creative with their lineup.

Wilin Rosario is hitting cleanup and catching. Christhian Adames is playing second base to give DJ LeMahieu a breather. Kyle Parker and Brandon Barnes are giving Gonzalez and Corey Dickerson the night off. Not exactly the "A" lineup.

So Jorge De La Rosa needs to be sharp tonight. That could be difficult since Rosario is catching, a position he does not excel at.

Going for the Dodgers is former Brave Alex Wood. The lefty has a 3.81 ERA this year.

The Dodgers are giving rest to plenty of their players as well. Austin Barnes at second? Chase Utley at first? Rookie Corey Seager hitting cleanup? That's a weird Dodgers lineup alright.

If you didn't get enough baseball last night, you're in luck, because we get more tonight.

<div class="pane sports_data_widget lineup clearfix">
<h3>Today's Lineups</h3>
<div class="lineup">
<table cellspacing="0" class="zebra">
<th align="left">COLORADO ROCKIES</th>
<th align="left">LOS ANGELES DODGERS</th>
<tr><td class="td-last td-name">Charlie Blackmon - CF</td><td class="td-first td-name">Austin Barnes - 2B</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Jose Reyes - SS</td><td class="td-first td-name">Chase Utley - 1B</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Nolan Arenado - 3B</td><td class="td-first td-name">Justin Ruggiano - LF</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Wilin Rosario - C</td><td class="td-first td-name">Corey Seager - SS</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Cristhian Adames - 2B</td><td class="td-first td-name">A.J. Ellis - C</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Kyle Parker - LF</td><td class="td-first td-name">Alex Guerrero - 3B</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Ben Paulsen - 1B</td><td class="td-first td-name">Chris Heisey - RF</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Brandon Barnes - RF</td><td class="td-first td-name">Joc Pederson - CF</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Jorge De La Rosa - LHP</td><td class="td-first td-name">Alex Wood - LHP</td></tr></tbody>
<!-- END WIDGET -->