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Scott Boras knows what the Rockies' problem is, apparently

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Agent Scott Boras says the Rockies could use veteran pitching help - Denver Post

Nick Groke apparently scored an on-the-record conversation with super-agent Scott Boras at the most recent Rockies-Dodgers game. Boras represents Carlos Gonzalez and Nolan Arenado; he must be enjoying their home run exploits this season. He also opined that the Rockies need a "top veteran arm," but that's like saying that Charlie Brown's problem is that he just needs to kick the football. Easier admitted than accomplished.

MLB Pipeline's organizational prospects of the year -

With the minor league seasons concluding, Jonathan Mayo looked back at each organization's prospects and identified the top performers. For the Rockies, the top position player prospect was shortstop Trevor Story. He played across two levels, hitting .281/.373/.523 in Double-A in 300 at bats, and after his promotion to Triple-A he hit .277/.324/.502. Story popped 20 homers this year, a tidy sum for a shortstop. He could arrive in the big leagues as early as next year, depending on how the Jose Reyes situation shakes out.

Mayo's top pitcher in the Rockies system is Antonio Senzatela. Across 154 innings Senzatela struck out better than eight batters per nine innings and posted a 2.51 ERA. The increased K rate and decreased walk rate led to a K/BB ratio of 4.33; for reference's sake, that's better than what Jordan Zimmermann, Dallas Keuchal, and Jon Lester have done this year in the majors. Granted, hitters in High-A aren't the same as hitters in the big leagues, but there's no doubt that Senzatela was dominant this year. If he cruises through Double-A with the same efficiency, he might get a September cup of coffee with the Rockies in preparation for a full 2017. But as the Eddie Butler experience has shown, it's rarely a smooth, comfortable ride to the majors.

Well, it's September 18, the Rockies are out of it, yesterday was an off day, and the Broncos just played a game. You just finished reading an article about the Rockies. Give yourself a pat on the back; you're the true fan.