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Rockies trounce Padres 10-2

The Rockies won handily against the Padres tonight at Coors Field.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Rockies defeated the Padres 10-to-2 tonight.

The Rockies jumped on Robbie Erlin early. In the first, five singles and a walk resulted in four runs for the Rockies. Tom Murphy's first career hit was one of those singles, and he got his first career RBI along with it. A Charlie Blackmon double and a Nolan Arenado single in the second made it 5-to-0 in favor of the Rockies.

Starting pitcher Yohan Flande didn't allow a run over the first two innings. In the third, Wil Myers led off with a double before Flande record two consecutive outs. Jedd Gyorko, however, doubled off a that ricocheted off of Flande's knee. It scored Myers and knocked Flande out of the game. Christian Bergman replaced him and retired the side.

The Rockies added on in the fourth inning. A double, a walk, and two singles combined to add three more runs and make it an 8-to-1 game. In the fifth inning, the Rockies added to the lead even further, as Tom Murphy hit his first career home run. It was a solo shot to make it a 9-to-1 Rockies.

A Gyorko solo homer in the sixth off of Bergman made it a 9-to-2 game. The Rockies added a run in the eighth to make it 10-to-2, which is how it ended.

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