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Game Preview: It's Gray Day (hooray)

One of the few reasons to watch Rockies baseball in September is playing today

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockies are tough to watch these days, but once every five days there's a pretty good reason to catch the first pitch. That's right, it's Gray Day again.

Jon Gray, the Rockies' top prospect, is starting for the sixth time this year. His 6.00 ERA doesn't look too flashy, but most of that was due to a blowup against the Mets two starts ago. He still strikes out nearly a batter per nine innings and has a very manageable walk rate. His 3.61 FIP suggests that his ERA doesn't reflect the quality of his pitching, and the eye test seems to back that up.

Opposing Gray is Chase Anderson of the Diamondbacks. He has a 4.22 ERA in 134 innings this season.

The lineup for the Rockies looks pretty familiar; the one thing to note is that Kyle Parker is getting another start in left field. The jury is out on whether Parker can be a viable big leaguer, but there's no harm in letting him get some September at bats.

Paul Goldschmidt is getting a breather for the D'Backs tonight, so that's one big bat that Gray doesn't have to worry about.

After dropping both games of a double header yesterday, the Rockies will look to salvage a split at home. Get after it boys.

<div class="pane sports_data_widget lineup clearfix">
<h3>Today's Lineups</h3>
<div class="lineup">
<table cellspacing="0" class="zebra">
<th align="left">ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS</th>
<th align="left">COLORADO ROCKIES</th>
<tr><td class="td-last td-name">Ender Inciarte - LF</td><td class="td-first td-name">Charlie Blackmon - CF</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Phil Gosselin - 2B</td><td class="td-first td-name">Jose Reyes - SS</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">A.J. Pollock - CF</td><td class="td-first td-name">Carlos Gonzalez - RF</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">David Peralta - RF</td><td class="td-first td-name">Nolan Arenado - 3B</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Welington Castillo - C</td><td class="td-first td-name">DJ LeMahieu - 2B</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Jake Lamb - 1B</td><td class="td-first td-name">Ben Paulsen - 1B</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Brandon Drury - 3B</td><td class="td-first td-name">Nick Hundley - C</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Chris Owings - SS</td><td class="td-first td-name">Kyle Parker - LF</td></tr><tr><td class="td-last td-name">Chase Anderson - RHP</td><td class="td-first td-name">Jon Gray - RHP</td></tr></tbody>
<!-- END WIDGET -->