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Kyle Kendrick allows four home runs as the Rockies lose to the Padres 10-4

The Rockies failed to complete the sweep against San Diego, as the Padres beat the Rockies 10-to-4.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Four names: Scott Bankhead, Scott Elarton, Tommy Hunter, and Rob Bell. Before today, these were the four pitchers to have allowed 32 or more home runs in under 150 innings in a season. Bell did it twice. Kyle Kendrick added himself to the list today.

Kendrick gave up a home run in the first, two in the third, and one more in the fourth. Those four homers constituted four of the six hits he gave up in his four innings pitched, and they contributed to five of the six runs he allowed. Kendrick has now allowed 32 on the season, which is the most in baseball—an impressive feat considering he's only thrown 131 1/3 innings.

The Rockies had a homer of their own. Charlie Blackmon led off the bottom of the first with his sixteenth home run of the season. But the Rockies didn't record another hit until a Justin Morneau double in the seventh. Morneau's double began a string of hits that resulted in three runs for the Rockies, but it only made it a 10-to-4 game. The win expectancy chart below shows that those runs didn't move the needle in the Rockies' direction much. The game eventually ended with that 10-to-4 score.

The Rockies welcome the Pirates, who are departing from Los Angeles tonight, to Coors Field tomorrow at 6:40 MT. The evening will be Gray.

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