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Rockies lose to Pirates 6-3

In a fantastically unspectacular game, the Rockies lost to the Pirates 6-3 to the surprise of absolutely no one.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockies played a baseball game. The Rockies lost that baseball game. The Pittsburgh Pirates won it largely on the strength of being the superior baseball team.

Starling Marte drove in two runs for the Bucs who scored six runs which doubled the Rockies total.

Willin Rosario hit is sixth home run of the season in the second inning as part of a two-hit night. He also added a walk. Nolan Arenado drove in his 115th run of the year and Charlie Blackmon stole his 41st base of 2015 and drove in a run.

These offensive highlights were brought to you by a drop of water in the desert.

Chris Rusin pitched four innings and gave up six runs on eight hits while walking four and striking out two and Gonzalez Germen managed to walk three in 1 1/3 innings.

These pitching highlights were brought to you by "What Else is New?" which I'm pretty sure is an upcoming network sitcom.

Source: FanGraphs