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Rockies lose to Pirates 5-4

The Rockies lost a baseball game. But Nolan Arenado is still very good. You're all caught up.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Nolan Arenado is fun to watch.

This has been a very tough year for most Rockies fans but Nolan Arenado has given those who choose to stay through all the losing and uninspired baseball something back. He has given fans so many web gems we've lost count. He's given birds and low-flying aircraft a scare on more than one occasion. And he's given this writer something to write about when the games have long since stopped mattering.

Arenado drove in a pair of runs in the third on his 38th double of the season -- a gap shot to left-center field. This came after a incredibly smart at-bat in the first where he beat and extreme shift and ended up with a ground-ball single to right field. He converted two consecutive stellar plays in the seventh. Just another day at the office for No. 28.

Chad Bettis pitched a very solid six innings, surrendering two runs on seven hits while striking out six and walking two.

Jairo Diaz was a strike away from escaping danger but gave the game away on a two-out three-run home run in the eighth.

Source: FanGraphs