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Jon Gray struggling at Coors and Jairo Diaz adapting to the big leagues

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Jon Gray is winless, but Walt Weiss can see success - Denver Post

Jon Gray started a mini-controversy the other day when he vented his frustrations about his lack of success at Coors Field. Through five starts at Coors, Gray sports an 8.27 ERA (compared to a 2.70 road ERA). Additionally, Gray hasn't nailed down a win yet. That shouldn't discourage Gray; wins are utterly meaningless as a measure of performance, and the team behind him hasn't been very good this year.

Gray's first nine major league starts haven't been an unqualified success, but there are plenty of positives to take away. The 8.85 K/9 is well above average. The 3.63 FIP is a very strong number for a rookie who pitches in Colorado. And the .384 BABIP against indicates he has been victimized by balls that have sneaked through holes. His 5.53 ERA doesn't look great, but we aren't in a Greg Reynolds situation or anything. So no need to panic.

Weiss stands by test for Diaz in pivotal spot -

Yesterday Jairo Diaz allowed a game-losing three run home run in the eighth inning. Darn. But for the most part Diaz has looked solid for the Rockies; even with last night's hiccup he has a 3.00 ERA so far. The man throws the ball hard, which is nice. He also walked more than six batters per nine innings in Triple-A this season, which is not nice. But the Rockies are due for a reliever to work out. Him, Rex Brothers, somebody.

The rat ate people food, explained - Jon Bois

Not much else out there in the Rockies realm. Enjoy a few laughs, courtesy of Jon Bois.