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A Matt Harvey quote has generated trade speculation, so let's speculate

Rockies news and links for Saturday September 6, 2015.

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Jairo Diaz showing he belongs with Rockies |

Dargan Southard has a quick review of Jairo Diaz's short stint in the majors. When the Rockies acquired Diaz, there was speculation that he could fill in as a high-leverage reliever. Much of that hope rested on his mid to high 90s fastball. However, Diaz was hit hard in Triple-A to start the season, and he only made his way to the majors recently. But he's gotten good results so far.

I remain skeptical. High heat doesn't work that well if the ball doesn't move. And though Diaz does complement his fastball with a slider, it hasn't translated into strikeouts just yet, and that was probably one of the primary reasons the Rockies acquired him. In 2014 across High and Double-A in the Angels organization, Diaz struck out 85 batters in 64 2/3 innings, which is about 13 K/9. For Albuquerque, however, he's struck out about eight per nine. In a very limited sample in the big leagues thus far, he's struck out just 5.4 per nine innings. Diaz is still an interesting possibility for the bullpen, but don't allow his velocity or his current 1.35 ERA fool you into thinking he's claimed a spot.

Rockies' Carlos Gonzalez stays hot, proves doubters wrong — The Denver Post

Patrick Saunders has some quotes from Walt Weiss about Carlos Gonzalez's return to form. Weiss indicated that given CarGo's age and raw ability, he expected him to return to his old-self once he got healthy and received consistent playing time. Purple Row's Drew Creasman had a prophetic moment in early June when he said the same.

Saunders counts himself among the CarGo doubters, which was a camp I was in as well. Injuries and lingering injuries were causing CarGo to play poorly, but it was never a foregone conclusion that they were problems that would ever be solved.

It's been really fun to watch CarGo recently, but the in terms of the Rockies' long term health, the most important part of CarGo's 2015 season is that he will be a very attractive trade candidate this offseason.

Matt Harvey backs innings cap as postseason nears - Amazin' Avenue

Speaking of trading CarGo, the Matt Harvey innings limit brouhaha in New York has generated trade speculation in Purple Row's comments section—and probably in the comment sections of many other SB Nation team sites.

If you haven't heard, there was a conflict between what Scott Boras, Harvey's agent, and James Andrews, who performed Harvey's Tommy John surgery, claimed to be Harvey's innings cap and what the Mets intend to do with him as they prepare for a postseason run. Initially, Harvey was a silent observer, but yesterday he indicated that 180 innings, what Boras and Andrews have identified as a cap, is his limit for the season. That would only give him about 14 more innings this year. It would, obviously, keep him out of the playoffs. The result has been fan invective from New York Mets fans and trade fantasies from people like you, the fan of a team that is not the New York Mets.

What would you give up for Harvey, and what do you think it would take for the Mets to let him go? Go wild with fantasies, but Boone Logan, Kyle Parker, and cash for Harvey type proposals will be duly mocked.