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Rockies GM approval poll, September 2015: How's Jeff Bridich doing?

The 2015 season is going further and further down the drain, but that doesn't really matter much. The question is, are Bridich and the Rockies setting themselves up well for the future?

Well, that was an uneventful August.

Aside from the Colorado Rockies promoting top prospect Jon Gray, not much happened last month. Rockies fans and followers were on the edge of their seats at multiple points throughout the month when it looked like deals could be swung for high-priced veterans Carlos Gonzalez and Jose Reyes. Ultimately the Aug. 31 trade deadline -- the date when players must be in their new organizations in order to be eligible for postseason play -- passed without much noise for Colorado.

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That doesn't mean the club isn't still in the beginning stages of rebuilding; when you trade the face of your franchise with more than half of a decade left on his deal, it signals that changes are in place. But many wanted to see the Rockies start from scratch -- a status that would have required dealing Reyes, Gonzalez and perhaps several others.

As for the one thing the Rockies did in August that most people agreed upon, it's been a bumpy ride for Gray. The Rockies have carefully watched his workload while he continues his quest to adjust to pitching at the highest level. Gray's performance in the big leagues has been the very definition of a roller coaster, but the future looks bright -- that is, if the Rockies can manage and develop it correctly.

That last line, really, is the key to any success or failure the team will experience over the next few years. Is the right person in place to ensure there's more of the former than the latter?

Vote in the poll, and give us your reasoning in the comments.