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Quiz: Can you name every Colorado Rockies pitcher to throw a shutout in franchise history?

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You've got five minutes to name all 19 Colorado Rockies pitchers throughout team history who have thrown at least one shutout.

Can you name every Rockies pitcher who has tossed a shutout in the last two decades?
Can you name every Rockies pitcher who has tossed a shutout in the last two decades?
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Let's have a little fun this afternoon. Since their inception in 1993, the Colorado Rockies have seen 19 different men throw a total of 28 shutouts for the ball club. Can you name every pitcher to throw one for the Rox? You've got only five minutes to name all 19 in our quiz today!

Because it's Sunday, and I'm a nice guy, I'll give you a couple of hints on one or two of the pitchers to get you started. On the rest, though, you're on your own...

1. One pitcher, a left-hander, threw his shutout last August in Denver against the Padres. This spring, he'll be fighting for a rotation spot. He also may or may not be the pitcher pictured above.

2. Another pitcher, a right-hander, just signed a minor league deal with the Atlanta Braves for 2016. (No, not Kyle Kendrick. The other guy.)

A couple things: last names alone count on this quiz, so don't feel like you need to type out a pitcher's first name. Also, if you're going to take the quiz, do it before you read the comments below — I am not responsible for spoilers (or cheaters)!

OK, here we go. No cheating, no Googling. Hit play and you've got 300 seconds to name the 19 Rockies' pitchers who have tossed shutouts in franchise history!

How'd you do? Who did you miss?