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Colorado Rockies, Gerardo Parra reach 3-year deal, according to report

So, what's next?

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Colorado Rockies have agreed to terms with outfielder Gerardo Parra, according to reports from Jon Morosi and Wilmer Reina:

The three-year deal is an interesting one for a team presumably looking to build toward the end of those three years. The original report came in Spanish but suggests there is a fourth-year team option as well, which could work heavily in the Rockies' favor if Parra plays well in Denver:

This comes after much speculation that the Rockies would sign Parra, which had already left many wondering what that means for a Rockies outfield already crowded with quality players in Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon, and Corey Dickerson.

Does this signing signal a trade of one of those players? ESPN's Jim Bowden seems to think so:

There have even been questions as to whether Parra fits in Colorado, despite being close buddies with Gonzalez. The Rockies now have four left-handed hitting corner outfielders. So, the most logical explanation for this move is that there are more to come.

The signing puts the Rockies at 41 men on the 40-man roster, meaning there has to be at least some kind of transaction in the near future. It could be as much as a blockbuster trade or as little as optioning/DFA'ing a current member of the roster.

Stay tuned to Purple Row for an in-depth player profile on Parra and any further wrinkles in this story and subsequent moves as they develop.