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Rockies trade rumors: The Gerardo Parra signing might not mean Carlos Gonzalez is on the move

Rockies fans are still waiting for their team to make a significant trade, and yesterday's signing only increased that sentiment.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

With yesterday's signing of Gerardo Parra, the Rockies now have four left handed hitting outfielders you'd expect to be in the lineup most every time a right handed starter is on the mound. If one of the outfielders had to go before this transaction - and at least one of them did - the reality of the situation is only amplified now.

However, at least one source believes that outfielder won't be Carlos Gonzalez.

Translated, it means Carlos Gonzalez will be staying with the Rockies. Reina has been a reliable source in the past, but as we learned last summer, a player being told they're staying put carries little weight when it comes to the Rockies front office.

Meanwhile, rumors are flying elsewhere that several teams are interested in at least one member of the Rockies' outfield surplus. Purple Row has all of those rumors covered ...

Rox in 'ongoing trade talks' with Orioles

Tigers involved in talks surrounding Colorado outfielders, per report

White Sox having 'ongoing discussions' with Colorado, per report

But as we know by now, these are all just rumors, and so far this off season's been characterized by a whole lot of talk and not much action when it comes to the Rockies and trades. The bottom line is that it's January 13th, and Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon, DJ LeMahieu, Jorge De Le Rosa, and Nick Hundley -- all pieces identified before the offseason as targets that needed to aggressively shopped to justify the Troy Tulowitzki trade -- are all still here.

The off season is not over yet, so I'll hold off on judgement until we see the final project, but it's getting pretty late in the game, and if the roster still looks close to the way it is now when spring training gets underway, then the Rockies are going to get more negative ink from this site in 2016 than they probably ever have in any season it's existed.

Speaking of things that would get the Rockies negative press on this site ...

Well, I guess I should wrap this up before I type something I'll regret. Here's a better Heyman tweet to focus on for now.

Maybe today is the day somebody significant gets moved.

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