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Colorado Rockies prospects: Carlos Estevez has big expectations coming into 2016

News and links around the Colorado Rockies for Friday, January 15, 2016.

Big expectations coming for Carlos Estevez!
Big expectations coming for Carlos Estevez!
Jen Mac Ramos

It's my mom's birthday today! Happy Birthday, mom! For your birthday, I got you these Colorado Rockies links, but I don't have the gift receipt so I hope they fit and that you like them. If not, take it up with Bryan Kilpatrick, as I'm definitely not the guy responsible for anything important around here. Love ya!

Young fireballer Estevez adapts to competition —

Carlos Estevez's path to the big leagues may end up reminding me a little bit of Scott Oberg's from 2015, considering how hard he throws, how quickly the Rockies have moved him (and/or intend to move him) through the minors, and the adjustments the Venezuelan is going to have to make on the way. Thomas Harding delivers a nice piece about one of the Rockies' top prospects.

Winter Report Card: Rockies' off-season focused on 2017 and beyond — Sports Illustrated

Jay Jaffe takes a look at all the Rockies have done (or, haven't done) this winter, and hands out a passing grade for the team... just barely. Obviously, the Rockies have some unfinished business to attend to this winter, which Jaffe notes, so that grade is preliminary and will be almost undoubtedly amended before spring training. Also, here's something cool! He linked to this piece of ours in that SI post. Thanks, Jay.

Arenado, CarGo and co. set for Rockies Fan Fest —

Fan Fest is coming up at Coors Field on January 23, and a LOT of guys are going to be there for the event. Coincidentally, I spoke to Justin Miller at length this week (a big interview will be posted on this website tomorrow!), and he told me he was really looking forward to seeing the fans out at Coors Field next weekend.

Arbitration breakdown: Nolan Arenado — MLB Trade Rumors

Matt Swartz has a nice breakdown of Nolan Arenado's arbitration case, and what Rockies fans should expect the star third baseman to earn this year. He compares Arenado to Manny Machado, as to be expected, as well we a few other players' historical breakdowns that may be of note when pondering Nolan's case this month.

Salary arbitration 101 — Purple Row

Speaking of salary arbitration, this article was originally published on this website way back in 2009 (!), but if you have any questions about the process, that's a great place to start. It'll come in to play for Arenado and a few other Rockies in the next month, so, might as well get caught up now if you're new to the business side of the game!

Padres find veteran shortstop in Ramirez —

There was really, honestly, seriously no way that Jose Reyes was ever going to get traded to San Diego (or anywhere, let's be real), but that club did need a shortstop and Colorado really should have gotten rid of Reyes ASAP before, well, before what happened in October. Well, now that non-chance is CERTAINLY not going to happen with the Friars adding Alexei Ramirez to the fold. I like Ramirez a lot, actually, so maybe this is a smart move for them. Lose a football team, gain an Alexei.

Tigers invite 18 to Lakeland, want a look at prospects — Detroit Free Press

Just a quick note on this one pertaining to the Rockies: former Colorado farmhand and (very brief) Major Leaguer Tommy Field is a non-roster invitee going to camp with the Detroit Tigers this spring. Credit to Field, he's hanging around; he's appeared in the big leagues in four of the last five seasons with the Rockies, Angels, and Rangers.

OKC Dodgers coaching staff finalized with addition of three former MLB players — NewsOK

Former Rockies great Matt Herges (remember 2007?!) will be the pitching coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers' Triple-A affiliate in Oklahoma City. He'll be working there with top Dodgers prospect Julio Urias, which NewsOK has mentioned will be the third or fourth time Herges has been able to work with the young fireballer, so that's cool.

Look at Trenton 1994, Hartford: There is hope — Pinstriped Prospects

Here's an interesting take on the Hartford Yard Goats' ongoing stadium dramas and now month-long road trip situation. To listen to this story, it seems like budgets and construction and red tape aren't the problem, and since the Yard Goats missed the timing on doing something very important back in October, their field may well be unplayable for months after the stadium actually opens. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.