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Can you name the top 20 home run hitters in the history of the Colorado Rockies?

A lot of men have hit home runs for the Colorado Rockies; can you name the 20 who have gone yard the most in franchise history?

Is Corey Dickerson on this list, or what?
Is Corey Dickerson on this list, or what?
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Since 1993, there have been 202 different Major Leaguers who have recorded at least one home run as a member of the Colorado Rockies. That list includes Masato Yoshii, Gabe White, Jamey Wright, Michael Restovich, Darren Oliver, and Reid Brignac, who have all hit one.

There are some quirks on that list, too; for example, in 11 Major League games in 2015 (39 plate appearances), Tom Murphy has hit three home runs. It took former Rockies outfielder Juan Pierre 348 more games (and 1,503 more plate appearances) than Murphy to hit three home runs.

In just 152 plate appearances with Colorado, Mike Hampton hit 10 dingers. He had a career OPS of .881 in Denver, too — good enough for 15th-best in franchise history among players who recorded at least 150 plate appearances. I know, small sample size, but say what you will about Hampton, just never say the man wasn't a good athlete!

We don't really care about the quirks in today's quiz though, only the very best. The question is really simple. Some (most?) of the answers will be easy. Others are going to be pretty hard! Can you name the top 20 home run hitters in Rockies franchise history?

A few things, as always: last names count here, so you don't need to type out a player's full name. Don't cheat, and don't Google. Also, don't check the comments before you take the quiz — I'm not responsible for your trivia time getting spoiled!

Get to it, let us know how you did in the comments:

How'd you do? Miss anyone you should've known?