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Should the Colorado Rockies seriously consider Corey Dickerson at first base?

Rockies news, notes, and more for Saturday, January 23, 2016.

More Corey Dickerson rumors regarding first base?!
More Corey Dickerson rumors regarding first base?!
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

It's been quite a busy week here at Purple Row, and that will continue through the weekend thanks to Fan Fest. I'm really, really proud of what we put out this week, and I hope that you're enjoying reading as much as we are writing. With that, take a look at some things going on around baseball.

The Rockies Should Play Corey Dickerson at First Base | FanGraphs Baseball

Contrary to what Jordan Freemyer argued last week, Paul Swydan of FanGraphs thinks that the Rockies should play Corey Dickerson at first base. His argument is based more on Dickerson's plantar fasciitis than poor outfield defense, as well as getting as many good bats into the lineup as possible.

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Yovani Gallardo talking with Rockies, 2 others |

Thomas Harding takes a look at the possibility of Yovani Gallardo joining the Colorado Rockies, and who they are up against in the battle for the free agent. This is a story to keep an eye on as the weekend goes by, and goodness knows we'll be covering it.

More: Would Gallardo even fit at Coors Field, and with the Rockies?

One City Producing a World Series and Super Bowl Winner | FanGraphs Baseball

Matthew Kory of FanGraphs takes a look at the last time one city had the World Series winner and a Super Bowl winner in the same year. The last time it happened was 2004 in Boston, but with a couple of lucky breaks, it's possible that Denver could accomplish that feat in 2016. Of course, it's very unlikely the Rockies make the playoffs, let alone win the World Series but hey, a guy can dream, can't he?

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Venezuelan Summer League Shuts Down -

As more and more teams shutter their Venezuelan academies, the Venezuelan Summer League (similar to the Dominican Summer League) will shut down after a decision by the Cubs to pull out. This left the league with just three teams, the Phillies, Rays, and Tigers. This isn't one that directly affects the Rockies—they haven't fielded a VSL team since 2002—but is still disappointing to see. Notably, the VSL has produced recent players such as Jose Altuve and Bruce Rondon, and many others throughout its history.

More: The Rockies are not interested in a complex league team.

Should MLB rosters be expanded? - Minor League Ball

John Sickels over at Minor League Ball took a look at the idea of expanding rosters, which he thinks would help with any attempts by the National League to adopt the designated hitter. The article is brief, but the comments feature a lot of good discussion about the idea.

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Colorado Rockies Need to Turn Attention to Mat Latos - Mile High Maniac

Hey, whoa, wait a second, didn't Bobby DeMuro advocate for this like two months ago? Either way, it looks like the Rockies are focused on Gallardo, so it'd be surprising to see Mat Latos rumors right now... but a lot can happen over the next month!

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Charlie Blackmon can beat you at H.O.R.S.E. - Purple Row

Because Fan Fest is this weekend, let's finish it off with a fun one! As you may have seen by now, Charlie Blackmon appears to have a gift for making over-the-back halfcourt shots, sinking one at the Nuggets game on Thursday night. Maybe the Rockies should forget trying to trade him to an MLB team, but instead turn their eyes to the NBA.

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Drew Creasman will be down at Coors Field this weekend for Fan Fest. If you'll be there, say hello! If you won't be (sad), be sure to look for some stories from Denver all weekend and into next week!