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Your weekly roundup from the sports world and internet, Jan. 26

Hilarious Broncos celebrations, weight room failures, a baller Charlie Blackmon, fan raps, projectiles to the groin, and more... It's time for your weekly roundup!

screenshot via Twitter

Welcome to the 40th Purple Row edition (and 144th overall) of Tuesdays With Mitch, where we employ as many dang outfielders as we feel like. Let's get into it...

(As noted before, the "writing portions" of some of my offseason posts will be brief. The staff here at Purple Row is covering the ins and outs of the offseason better than I can in this weekly format.)

We're jumping straight into the weekly departments today. And as you know, a few weeks ago, I added a new poll for you to vote on your favorite clips throughout the offseason. Sometime before Spring Training rolls around, we'll crown an offseason CLIP OF THE YEAR. So don't forget to vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post. (Last week's winner was Manning's trickery against the Steelers. Also, not a lot of people think Luther Hackman has the best Rockies name ever. Whatever.)

Studs of the week:

Well look at that. The Broncos are going to the Super Bowl again. I know this is a Rockies site and a lot of Rockies fans don't gave a darn about the Broncos... But a lot of us do! I'm one of the Rockies fans who also roots for the Broncos and this is my column, so I'm going to start with this video that I've watched about 50 times.


A video posted by Craziest Stuff on IG! (@hurdles) on

These goofy, awesome freaking dorks. I can't get enough of this video. Is this a pre-planned, choreographed thing or are they just spitballing? Are they intentionally saying "Chip" instead of "Ship"? If so, why?

I get the feeling Von just wanted to videobomb Aqib's interview with that dumb smile on his face the whole time. But he underestimated Talib! Talib does not give a damn about this interview and, like Von, is much more interested in singing/chanting and dancing than answering questions like a normal person. As if the majority of the video isn't good enough, the best part is at the end when they both laugh like schoolchildren, jump up and down, and run off to nowhere in particular.

Pretty fun stuff.

Von celebrating with his linebacker's coach is also pretty spectacular.

Tweet of the week:

This tweet is good and funny and quality.

Vine of the week:

Pretty great footage of some guy trying to squat like 1,000 pounds. He does not succeed! This is why it's important to use clips and a spotter and never try to squat like 1,000 pounds.

And a bunch of other stuff from around the internet:

Yes, Charlie Blackmon reached a deal to avoid arbitration yesterday, but this week's most important news regarding Blackmon was his performance at a recent Nuggets game. This is phenomenal.

Kobe Bryant is bad at basketball. This play, combined with the Fresh Prince treatment, is just genius.

Here's a dinosaur shoveling snow. I don't have much to add to that.

Bonus points if you recognize that costume from an earlier post.

This guy named Ked wrote a rap song about the Panthers that generated a lot of attention. It's... it's about what you'd expect.

So this guy blocked a puck with his jock strap, which doesn't seem like much fun.

...and here's the resulting carnage. Yikes, man.

I know what you're all looking for at this point... More people getting hit in the groin! Well you're in luck.

These road-ragers in Austin are too good not to share. There is some NSFW language so be careful, but it's funny as hell.

The truck rolling away towards the beginning is just gold.

And finally, we'll shift gears and touch on the heartbreaking tragedy of Colorado State basketball's Emmanuel Omogbo. Here's Scott Van Pelt on the awful news and the warm, positive reaction from the CSU community that spread across the nation.

For a more detailed account, check out this feature from Matt Norlander at CBS Sports. It's rough stuff.

Now go vote in the poll below!

Happy Tuesday, everybody. Thanks for readin'. See ya next week.


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